Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, August 17, 2012

Who's More Miserable... Him or Me Watching Him?

This loooonnng day started way too early.  Being the neurotic mother that I am, I woke the boy up
at 2 a.m. so he could eat a little oatmeal and drink some milk before having to fast for surgery.
 The poor traumatized child cried on the way to the hospital and really let loose when we arrived.
I think he will forever hate anyone wearing blue hospital scrubs.
 The key was keeping him occupied while we waited and waited.
Once again, bubbles to the rescue.
Dr. Chang is one of the four Cancer docs taking care of Keanut.
She did the Spinal Tap today... and came in for a visit before the procedure.
Kean loves Dr. Chang.  Notice she is not wearing her blue scrubs as of yet. Hmmm...
 This time, they let me suit up in what I like to call the garbage man jump suit-- one size fits nobody.
I got to go with him into the surgery room and hold him until the gas mask did it's magic.
The surgery room was impressive--- huge, high tech and I counted ten "blue suits"
and that was before the three doctors arrived.
It took only a little over an hour and a half before they finished putting in the permanent port,
gave him a spinal tap and the first of three doses of Chemo today.
Lucky for me, I had my secret weapon-- my dear friend Elly Moomey was there to keep me company
and keep me calm-- and  then help with Kean.
When he woke up, he was as mad as a hornet and having some breathing issues.  I guess he
had what they call some bronchial spasms during the surgery so had to give several doses with a nebulizer
and then another one and some meds after he was awake.
We finally made it home late afternoon where he has been nothing short of miserable.
I think his front side hurts where they put in the port and his back side hurts where they did the Spinal.
Grammy came over and held him for a while.
 Here's where they put the port in.  It is completely under the skin and from now on whenever he needs
Chemo, blood draws or  IV meds-- a needle will be inserted into the port (after numbing cream).  It goes directly
to a major vein.
 The girls had a day of rest and relaxation over at my cousins-- Danny and Shera Mae's house.
If you can't tell they are soaking their feet in a bubbly tub and sipping bubbly (apple juice).
 Today would have been a great day for me to have joined them!!!
I can't believe how much the little guy has gone through in just one day.
A huge thanks to Teresa Peery for making a delicious dinner for our family tonight.
If I had to do it-- it would have been cold cereal for all.
So thank you for the warm, yummy food.