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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Second to Final Spinal

I know I told you earlier that today was the day for Kean's weekly Spinal Tap and Chemo session.
His last one in this phase is next week - then we get a tiny break before moving onto the next phase.
We got to use his port for the first time and it worked beautifully-- I don't know if you can tell in the picture
above, he has a numbing creme slathered on his chest with a piece of "press and seal" over it.
This is how I found him after the procedure while he was still asleep-- pretty cute tushy, eh?
As I said, he did great.  Today, in the big scheme of things, was a breeze.  He took a good hour to come out
of the drugs and wake up... but he woke up pretty happy and just went uphill from there.
We came home to several surprises--
Remember my old buddy, Rob Macey?  We met up with him and his family at Disneyland last Spring.
He was one of my favorite photographers-- we worked together in Phoenix and L.A.
Well, he sent a box of hats for Kean....
Once he loses his hair, he'll be sylin'-- that is, if I can keep the girls from stealing them.  They love the hats.
Then my friend Angie stopped by with a belated birthday gift for Keanut--- a big, snuggly green piggy blanket
that he can take with him on his hospital days.
And finally, the UPS guy showed up with a huge box.... from our family, the Klingler's who
are serving as mission president for our church in Figi.  They sent Kean the coolest bike-- decked out
with a toy bin, a sun cover and a water bottle.
Reese was especially impressed and excited.
Byron will put the bike together this evening... for now, the box is proving to be pretty popular.
What a fun thing for Keanut to come home to-- it felt like Christmas in August!


mazie07 said...

What a fun day it ended up being! Can't wait to take him for a spin on that Oh So Cool bike!!!

Stacy said...

Rob's such a nice guy! Such cute hats!