Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, January 30, 2009

Nomobiling Addicts

So today marks our ten year anniversary. I know, I know, we look too young to be married 10 years. Yeah, right. Anyway, Byron's off snowmobling with a friend. I couldn't go. But we'll do dinner tonight. It's probably a good thing. I can't keep up with Byron and his buddies.
Here's a ditch work day with Uncle Craig. They don't even look cold.

We've given the old "nomobiles" (as Reese calls them) quite a workout this winter. Here's Byron taking the kids for one of many spins on our property. Doesn't Reese look like the little brother from the movie, A Christmas Story?
A few weekends ago, we drove up to the mountains, I took Holland on one snomobile and Byron took Reese and Greer on his. We rode about 16 miles into Silver Creek Plunge-- a hot springs. We swam for a few hours, dried off (BRRRRR) and rode back another 16 miles to the truck. It was a blast and I think the start of a new yearly family tradition.

Make Believe or Reality?

Here's a snippet of an actual conversation in our house:
Greer: "I know, let's play dress ups."
Me: "Okay."
Greer: "Let's pretend you're the mother and me and Reese are your daughters."

Aren't these the cutest shoes ever? Thanks Aunt Dana. Reese has quite the little legs, eh?

In this shot, Greer and Reese were the Princesses and I was the maid. I ask you, make believe or reality?

Vintage Greer

Our new computer has a home video feature. Here's Greer's official "audition". If she's not smiling herself... she'll sure make you smile!