Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 16, 2012

He's Got It All

I thought since we are mostly housebound, I'd catch you up on what Keanut looks like in person.
First off, he is chubby-- chubby cheeks, a thick neck...
And then he has the skinniest little legs you've ever seen.
It's funny  how steroids work.  The doc says it will take several weeks for him to "deflate".
This picture doesn't do it justice but his hair is thinning at an alarming rate.
It still looks decent but I'm guestimating we will be shaving his golden locks sometime next week.
He also doesn't want me to photograph his "man boobs" but trust me, they're there!
He's been so happy today.  Tomorrow will be a different story.  Darn it.
 Meanwhile, the girls' Summer Tour 2012 continues at full speed.
Last week, our friends the Alderman's and the Allen's took the girls to a sandy beach on the Payette river to play.
Of course, ice cream had to be a part of the day.
 And then yesterday, our long-time buddies, the Borup's took the girly-ohs boating
at Black Canyon Dam.
 My sources tell me they were all quite the dare devils, even Reesey.
Thanks everyone for loving on our girls and likely saving us a fortune in
counseling bills in the future.


Pam Beeler said...

Lonni -- you are such a fabulous mom and you have handledall of this with such beauty and grace that you girls are going to grow into wonderful women. You are an inspiration to so many ... really.

Pam Beeler said...

Clearly, one handed typing is not my strong suit ... sorry for all the typos in the last comment.