Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Wild Side

I swear this time of year is busier than the the holiday season.
My calendar is jam packed with school events.
Guess that's what I get for having four kids at four schools.
(Kill me now)!
Today was Reese's day.
All the fourth graders in her school district (there must be
about a thousand of them)-- had their big field trip.
 It's called Rendezvous and is the highlight of 4th grade.
They learn about American and Idaho history all year long
and get to "live it out" on this day.
There are 44 stations for the kids- each school only gets to visit
about 13-- but it is quite the production.
This was one of the first stations:  an old cowboy singing
mining and Idaho history songs to our group.
The booths are pretty cool-- ranging from panning for gold
and calf roping to Indian artifacts and prehistoric tools.
This booth below is the highlight for the students.
They "earn" trapper dollars by keeping their desks clean,
turning in all their homework on time and having good behavior.
Those trapper dollars are spent at the Trading Post where they can
buy all kinds of goodies (homemade Indian arrowheads, rain makers,
jewelry, masks etc.).
 It was going great until the winds picked up and the rain
came down-- cold and hard.
Rather quickly we had a huge group of shivering, blue lipped,
teeth chattering, soaked 9 year-olds.
 I think most of the kids (I know mine) were relieved
when the organizers said they were cancelling the rest of the day.
Another storm was coming in (supposedly with lightning). 
So they herded all of us into the gymnasium
(can you say crowded?)... where the kids got to eat lunch...
see a few wildlife exhibits...
and act a little wild themselves! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here's Looking At Zoo

After an extremely rough day yesterday, 
we had a great day today.
I got to go to the Zoo with Kean and his Kindergarten class.
 He spent a chunk of the time in the stroller but
loved trying to explore and keep up with the other kids.
 Kean was quite the good luck charm-- this sleepy tiger
got up and walked right by us several times before
hunkering down for another nap.
 It was the same with several other animals--
we had perfect timing.
He LOVED the petting zoo...
 it's a good thing those goats, sheep and llamas are all
patient with little boys who like to pull ears.
 From a mama standpoint, it was so great to see him
motoring around- even though, we kept a much slower pace
than the other kids.
 Of course, we had to take a spin on the old carousel.
That boy and his rides.
 You know it was a successful day when
he yawned all the way home.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rodeo Barker Style

Ahh, what a long way I've come from my days in New York and L.A.
Should've seen me last night... chasing down a cow in my flip flops!
Greer and I came home from getting her hair cut to find Byron
and Holland trying to round up our remaining two cows and a baby.
 We joined in the chase... helping to get the Mama and the other cow
in the trailer.  You'd think the calf would be a cinch to lasso.
Um no.
You'd have laughed yourself silly watching all of us running
back and forth across the pasture to 1. wear the calf out
and 2.  get him close enough to Byron so he could lasso him.
 And Byron tried so hard and came so close- many, many times.
Like, a hundred times.  Or attempts.  No joke.
It was hilarious and exhausting and everything else.
 Finally, the planets aligned.  Or the calf got too tired.
No matter, Byron got him on a dead run.
And got a horrific rope burn to show for his efforts.
But we got them all loaded, locked and moved
to our friend's greener pastures
where they will get nice and fat.
 And... hopefully, a little action.
They are now back in the company of our neighbor's bull.
And I think I'll just leave it at that.
 Oh, and by the way, Greer got 8 inches cut off.
That girl has enough hair for half the country.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Swinger

I don't know where she gets it-- certainly not from me
(my own mother says I run like a newborn calf).
But our eldest is an athlete!!
She's been running track this season
and has done better than average but over the weekend
she pulled out a surprise.
 At the last minute, she was pulled in to run the 4 x 100 relay--
she's never run a relay.  And get this, they came in 3rd in Districts and more
importantly, she loved it!
Way to go Holland.
 I went to Kean's Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea
on Friday.
 He has a new classmate- actually a little girl we've known
for years from therapy.  Mika is also blessed with that
extra chromosome.  
 She's ahead of him socially and scholastically
(guess 3 plus years of Chemo do have an impact)
but it is fun to see them together.
 The children sang a song for the moms (Kean clapped at the end--

better than nothing, I say).
 We had treats together and even made a craft.
Love this boy.
 Then we headed up to the cabin in Cascade.
We are all about done with the big remodel-- the
laundry room is the last hold-out and we are getting there.
 We even got ol' Byron to take some breaks and cut loose
on the swings at the park.
 No joke, Kean stayed on the swing for at least 45 minutes
and would have stayed all day if we would have.
 We had a yummy Mother's Day weekend with Greer
leading things in the kitchen.  That girl can cook!!
 We wrapped up the weekend with a rousing game of Charades.
Trust me, you haven't played Charades until you've played with this guy.
Hope everyone had a relaxing and loving Mother's Day weekend.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Back In the Saddle Again

Blue skies and bearable weather (actually beautiful weather)
means it is that time of year again.
Time for Kean's Hippotherapy sessions.
 We even have Clark joining us...
to not only lead the horse but more importantly,
help keep Kean in the saddle.
You should have heard our boy giggle non stop
when we started trotting.
Not sure he was laughing with glee at going bumpity bump
or laughing at Clark and I trying to keep up.
 Holland has some big news-- finally, finally (she's been 
excited about this day forever), she got braces.
 Her mouth is a little sore but so far, so good.
 We also had Kean's second session with  the Neuro Psychologist
at St. Luke's.  If you remember (from my past rants), the state
is requiring Kean have a lengthy IQ test to make sure he
is still eligible for therapy services (read still has Down syndrome).
 Dr. Deidrick is one of the good guys.  She thinks this testing
is as ridiculous as I do-- but has slogged through getting 
Kean to cooperate (with lots of breaks).
 And she thinks she has enough for him to pass (or fail)
depending on how you look at it.
Yes, he will qualify for services again.
 And finally, after spending the day at the hospital, I got  to
spend the evening with Miss Reese.
Our church held a Luau for the girls around Reese's age.
 The party featured a yummy dinner, hula lessons,
 a hula performance for the mom's,
 games, the limbo and lots of fun with friends.
It was the perfect way to unwind and relax after such a long day.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Doctor Feelgood

We had Kean's dreaded monthly cancer screening today.
Well, actually, it wasn't so dreaded.
I think I'm getting control of my fears a bit
or perhaps, I'm just too spent to get worked up.
Either way, all went well today-- other than
taking forever.
Kean couldn't wait to get out of there.
 Notice anything funny?
Yep, he's missing his pants.
I changed his diaper just after Dr. Camilo
did a thorough examination of his testicles
(Leukemia likes to hide in testicles)--
and Kean peed all over the good Doctor's hand.
 I don't think five minutes had passed since I'd gotten him
dressed when he let loose with a gallon-- and peed through 
his diaper, his pants and MY pants.  (He was  on my lap).
I know I've said it before, but sometimes I'm just in awe 
of the glamorous life I lead.
Driving home in urine soaked clothes is always a bonus.
Here's the good news though- Kean's counts
are looking so good (right where they are supposed to be)
we don't have to go in for two months.
Here's to the month of May being stress free!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Birth Control

Holland's teacher is either brilliant or a villain.
All the kids in her Health Occupations class have brought
home these mini terrorists.
 The computers inside have them crying at all hours- day and NIGHT!
And did I mention loud enough to wake up half the house.
Holland has a set of plastic keys-- she has to insert
into the computer to stop the baby crying when she needs
her diaper changed, burped, attention or to eat.
 There's also a panic key-- that if you get sick of it (or go crazy
from the lack of sleep), you can insert.  But that also means you
fail the project.  I learned today the mother of one of the girls
in Holland's class used the dreaded panic key.  (So don't blame her)!
Anyway, here's the beauty of it-- the experiment comes with
the added bonus of birth control.  Doubt any of these kids
will want to fool around after taking care of these half pint monsters.