Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chow Time!

Last week we got the go ahead to try some rice cereal out on Kean. His mouth was finally deemed "ready" to eat. But alas, we had a slight allergic reaction. His therapist thinks its just underdeveloped enzymes (or something to that end)... and he'll be fine in a month or two. So we skipped merrily ahead to SQUASH.

Let me just say he loves it! And actually does a pretty darn good job of keeping most of it in his mouth.
We shot video of his first attempt at rice cereal and it's pretty entertaining. Look for that coming to a blog (mine) near you in the near future. For now, let me entertain you with Greer's rendition of one of the three billy goats and the mean ol' troll.
In case you are wondering, Mr. Billy Goat is one of our home grown potatoes.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

His Crib with his crib inside

I'm finally getting around to posting some pics of Kean's room. It's not quite there yet... but I promised my sister-in-law, Rachel. I couldn't find a mobile I liked for his "vintage cowboy" room-- so I made one. I'm not ultra creative-- but I loved how it turned out. I used super soft, plush ponies, put some fabric bandannas to match the crib around their necks and tied them with leather straps to some rope I stiffened and shaped into a lasso.

Kinda cute, eh?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bathtub Buddies

Kean is going through a little phase right now, where he spits up almost every time he's on his tummy (which is several times a day). Anyway, he needed a bath in the middle of the day. Next thing I know... here comes one naked big sister and several Barbie dolls to join in....
He loved it! Kean and his entourage.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Birthday Bash

The birthday celebrations are winding down and we survived. In fact, we had a grand ol' time.
Tuesday night, we gave Holland her presents... including this one--- a new bike. She'd outgrown her old one and this one seems a bit big. But she took right to it and loves it. Oh, she's growing up too fast.

Wednesday night, Grandpa and Grandma Bodily babysat Kean and we took the girls, plus two of Holland's friends out for dinner and then ice skating. It was Reese's first time and she dazzled everybody. After a while she dumped the "walker" and was skating on her own and even turning awkward circles. I had people coming up to me all night asking me how old she was.
Here's the whole motley crew.

Greer did great... but stole Reese's walker a few times.

After working up a sweat, we had the homemade cupcakes I made. Okay, I tried to be creative and make ice skates out of candy crystals... they ended up looking more like a beached seal... but the girls thought they were great.
One more year and we get to do this again.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nine is mighty fine...

So I'll never be a poet. But Holland, my first-born is nine today. How did that happen? She's growing up fast and is so smart, so funny, so talented and such a great big sister. We're taking her ice skating tomorrow night. So I'll post pics of her birthday extravaganza after that. Until then... happy birthday to my sweet girl! Meanwhile, Kean had his first "play group" today. I got together with two of my girlfriends for lunch today-- Andrea's baby was born 1 month after Kean-- but Clark weighs 23 pounds!!! Remember, Kean is 14 and a half. Wow.

Clark took a good nap. Kean took a good nap-- it was a happening play date. Ruby... as the eldest of the group (she's a month older than Kean) kept the party going.
I thought it was a smashing success. I got to get out of the house and hang with the girls. Plus, I got to sneak over to Holland's school and take in treats.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung

It's supposed to be 81 degrees today. Love it.
My girls spent most of the weekend in their swimming suits-- a running through the sprinklers kind of perfect weekend.
Yesterday, I had to teach the women in my church (for my mom, she's out of town again). Get this, ten minutes before my lesson, Kean (on his first full day at church) had a blow out of major proportions. You mothers, know exactly, painfully, all to clearly-- just what I'm talking about.
In the bathroom, I stripped him down and THREW away his undershirt. It just wasn't worth trying to clean.
And then I turned my attention to myself-- an apple sized stain on the front of my shirt-- the color of mustard.
I went to teach my class with a big wet spot across my belly.
I guess there's a first for everything. Never in my life B.K. (before kids) could I ever have imagined speaking in front of an audience with poop on my shirt.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lifestyles of the Gross and Icky

Ewwwww. If you ever watch America's Funniest Home Videos... you'd know this was inevitable. Let me set the stage: Pat, Kean's therapist was working on his strengthening exercises with him over her knees. Reese made the mistake of getting under him to say hi and... Splat, blurp, ick.

Spit up-- smack dab in the middle of her head.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boy Meets World

We had the most wonderful Sunday! Our first Sunday at church as a complete family. Byron gave a very tender, tender blessing and we were surrounded by so many of our dear and beloved friends and family. I was told that when it was time to pronounce the blessing on Kean he folded his arms perfectly and just looked up at everyone. Sure wish I had a picture of that! These will have to do... here are a few photos before we headed to the chapel. The girls are wearing their skirts they made over Spring Break with the help and guidance of my mom. Byron's mom, Kay is pictured with the family. She left this morning to head back to Montana. It was so nice having her here!

After the church service, we headed over to my mom and dad's new house (it's much bigger than mine and the perfect place for a party). We had mostly family and close friends over for a little luncheon-- and we surprised Joannah (below) with a birthday cake. Not only is she Holland's awesome 3rd grade teacher but she's one of my dearest friends.
This is Ali (Joannah's husband) getting a little Kean time. See, his blessing outfit did fit-- barely.
And this is Mary K-- she and Byron go waaayyy back-- before I even knew him. But now, I tease him, she's MY friend! I think my girls adore her as much as I do.
Here's Mary K and Jeanie's mom, Mary. She came with the girlfriends to visit me in the hospital several times and she wanted a picture of our little miracle boy-- so I thought, why not get a picture of the two of them.
Kean was the perfect baby for his big day in the sun. He loved all the attention and was such a happy little boy. We couldn't get any better. He's pretty darn close to an angel (except angels don't come with stinky diapers)!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Big Coming Out

Tomorrow's the big day for Kean. He's going to church to meet all those who pulled and prayed on his behalf. Byron will be blessing him too. I just hope the blessing outfit my mom bought for him way back when he was in the hospital will fit. It'll probably be a bit snug. He's 8 months old today, by the way (nearly 7 months adjusted)-- and he weighs 14 and a half pounds. Byron's mom, Grandma Kay is here for the big event. The girls have had so much fun watching Princess movies with her and playing games. And she saved my bones yesterday. Kay watched the kids while I took Greer to the doctor. Get this lovely timing... she woke up with Strep throat, a raging ear infection and vomited in the car and in the doctor's office. (Sometimes, I just love being a mom). Anyway, she's fine today (and more importantly, not contagious anymore).

Grandma Kay came bearing gifts--- some strips or swatches of silky fabric. Check out the sleazy outfits my girls came up with. I can't complain though, they had more fun playing with the scraps of cloth...
And finally, today was beeyoootiful. Byron mowed our lawn (which is a huge undertaking-- we have a park), he turned up our garden-- and then he headed down to Grandpa Bodily's.....
... and worked on his garden. It's not a great shot (hey, the sun was totally in my eyes)... but that's him down there on the tractor with Grandpa Bodily and Reese over to the left watching him. Can I just tell you how much I love my husband? He is always, always, always doing some good deed for someone else.
I think I'll start calling him Dudley DoRight. Problem is, he's not here right now. He's over at my folks house helping my dad out with his yard. He's a keeper I tell ya!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Entertainment

Sorry we can't provide you popcorn with this video-- but at least we can guarantee a giggle, if not a good ol' belly laugh. Greer is our child who, shall we say, is a bit challenged when it comes to agility and pure athleticism. When she was younger, Byron used to say she ran like a new born cow. But... and this is a big but... she has worked her tail off to master jump roping and hula hooping. And while she may not be as graceful as her big sister-- the girl has style. Have fun.

And then scroll down on the blog to see Reese's and then Holland's version of Hula Hooping.

Reese's version

Here's Reese's attempt at copying her sisters with the Hula Hoop.

Not a moment of peace

I don't think Kean ever feels lonely. He always has a sister smooching on "Smoochie"-- especially Reese. Next week he'll turn 8 months old or 7 months adjusted age. Can you believe it?

And we're coming up on his big coming out-- Sunday, we are taking him to church for his public debut and to be blessed (like a Christening). I tried on his little outfit last night and it barely fits.
He'll look fine. I figure we could bless him in a diaper and nobody would really care. We're just so glad he's doing so well and finally able to get off house arrest.

Holland's Hula Hoop

Holland is our child with the most natural athletic ability-- (she didn't get it from me). She has a bit of the midas touch-- she excels at pretty much everything she tries. Case in point!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yee Ha!

Did you see it?
What a game!
I picked Duke to win the National Championship.... and my boys in blue came through for me.
I think I may have even won a dinner out of this-- sweet!

A most eggcellent Easter

What gives!?!?! We woke up Easter morn to SNOW. Not much, but snow nonetheless. The girls all ran out to jump in it. By the time I got my camera, hearty Reese was the only one without frozen toes. (Their dad suggested it, not me). The Easter Bunny did make a stop at the Barker's. He hid their baskets pretty good this year... so finally after about a half hour and a few hints, the girls had all their booty, including Zhu Zhu pets. They are those little electronic hamsters that scurry all over the floor. What a hit!

Keanut got some cool shades.

In the afternoon, we all headed over to my parents house. My mom had bought them all new aprons and embroidered their names on them.

Lyndsey and Reesey got the same aprons.
Then after a yummy dinner, it was time for (drum roll please), the annual great Easter Egg Hunt-er-rama. And since it was windy and cold outside, we did the cousins egg hunt all over the inside of Grandma's house. In the second it took for me to snap this picture-- Reese was already out the door and running. I'm surprised I didn't capture a little blur.
My beloved Grandma (my mom's mom) or Grandma the Great-- had the best hiding spot for an egg. Check out her cleavage. The token boy in the hunt, my nephew, Derek was the one who spied the egg, but was too embarrassed to grab it. His sister, Morgan ultimately triumphed.

Someday this will be the theatre/movie room. For now, my folks have stacked tons of boxes from moving in there. All the grandkids have spent countless hours building forts and castles, then knocking them down. There's no hurry to convert the room.
The best entertainment of the night came from the three older kids. We did two special golden eggs--each with 5 bucks in them. One for the 3 teenagers, one for the little kids. After an exhaustive search, we were playing the hot and cold game. The golden egg is actually in the refrigerator, inside a box of butter, on the top shelf of the door. The three siblings were literally picking up and moving each other to get inside. Derek prevailed. Guess that helped to make up for not getting the first egg he spied on Grandma Great.
Holland found the kids' five dollar egg.
And Kean supervised the whole affair, as you can see.
Happy Easter!