Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Not So Ugly

Today was quite the mixed bag when it came to news at the hospital.
Let's get the ugerly stuff out of the way.
Kean's blood work shocked us - his counts are way low.
This, after being so great last week.   His Neutrophil (his ability to fight germs) counts are at 340.  If you have kept all the numbers straight,
you will remember they wouldn't let us leave the hospital until his counts were at least 500.
So my heart fell to the basement when I saw the numbers.
However, they let us leave but under strict orders that if he so much as coughs, has a runny nose or a slight fever- we are
back, well, you know where.
So that was some bad news and some good news.
The other bad news is he is still not drinking and peeing nearly enough.
In fact, with his body fighting Cancer, he should be drinking even more.
They gave him a 2 hour IV of fluids at the hospital today and are thinking of putting in an NG (feeding tube down his nose to his stomach) to help keep him full of fluids.  The good news is I talked them in to letting me see how he does tonight and tomorrow morning since he had the IV today.  So pray and pray hard the boy will drink like a wild man.
The doc told me it is not uncommon for these little kiddos to cut way back-- all the drugs they are on makes food and drink not taste the best.  But the bad news is we'd have to stay overnight in the hospital to get the NG tube and then see how he handles it. 
Back to some good news-- his Spinal Tap and Chemo went smashingly well today.
The drug they give him to go night night is the same one Michael Jackson O.D.'d on.
They keep a pretty close watch on the boy... and he handles it quite well.
 The other good news today... is that the news was on the 4th floor.
Remember how I told you about one of Kean's favorite nurses, Joe and how he and all of his siblings work
at St. Luke's?  His mother was the one who was told she wouldn't survive Cancer and she would take the kids
with her to St. Luke's while she was treated.
Anyway, the local NBC affil here is doing a story on their family for their 7's Heroes segment.
They shot lots of video of Keanut and Joe together.
Here's Joe getting interviewed.
 And here's their entire family.  I'm telling you, this family is amazing.
They are wonderful, kind, compassionate people-- a bit camera shy-- but very deserving of the spotlight.
The story is scheduled to air on Sunday, Sept. 9th.  I'll remind you and put a link on the blog.