Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hug your children a little tighter tonight...

I took Kean yesterday and drove with my dad and brother up to Weiser, ID (about 1 hour and 45 minutes from my house) to attend a funeral. It was one of those funerals that your heart about breaks just to attend. My cousin's three year old little boy drowned in a swimming pool. They had a very private graveside service-- but a viewing and luncheon for friends and relatives. I honestly don't know how my cousin, her husband and children got through the day. Benjamin's casket was smaller than a toddler bed-- fire engine red. He was a darling child. Surrounded by colorful photographs, tonka trucks and flowers. I think every parent there put themselves in the place of those parents-- wondering how they'd handle the overwhelming grief. I can't begin to fathom it. All I know is I went home and held onto my three year old (and the others) a bit tighter last night.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wacky Weather

Geez, we've had some pretty funky weather of late. It was nearly 100 degrees today (the hottest, by far, this year) and then tonight-- high winds, thunder, lightning (or as Reese calls it: flashening) and then rain. We were swimming and had to cut it short. A few nights ago, my mom and I went to the Idaho Shakespeare's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. My brother, Doug and his family were all with us. We took in a yummy dinner and picnicked before the big show. The version we saw was set in the 60's to the Beatles's music. It was fabulously fun. We all loved it-- and even though is smelled like rain and started blowing pretty good a few times-- we dodged the rain. Thanks mom, for the hot date!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going, going, gone

I can't believe June is almost over. Every day has been run, run, run. We've been doing a ton of swimming at Grandpa Bodily's (Kean went for his first real dip the other day and loved it) and yesterday and today, the girls have been selling lemonade and cookies at a neighbor's garage sale. I just put Reese down for a nap. Get this-- and remember she's only 3-- she asked me if when she gets bigger, if, I'd teach her how to drive. I told her yes, but it will be a while until she's old enough. She literally gushed: "Oh, thank you mommy. I can't wait!" Pray tell me, what is a three year old doing obsessing about learning how to drive? She is truly 3 going on 18!
Kean's "comb over" is getting long enough, it's drooping into one of his eyes. And as much as I like the rakish, bad boy hair in the face look-- I'm leaning toward cutting it. I think it's time. So unless many of you have some strong feelings or valid arguments as to why I shouldn't do it-- speak or forever hold your peace!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Campers

After last year's total loss, we finally got to go camping as a family! We had quite the motley crew, too. My parents, my brother, Doug's family, my cousin Jaylen and his family and my cousin, Brandon and his son. It was wonderful-- fabulous weather and a beautiful spot. Of course, Kean was so easy and so happy. My brother Doug is a master cook-- especially in the great outdoors. Byron makes a pretty darn cute junior chef.

My cousins, Jaylen and Brandon kept the kids entertained doing "Roller coaster" rides. That's Holland flying through the air.
The blur in this picture is Greer.
And here's flying squirrel-- Reese.
We had tons of four wheelers and motorcycles-- and each of us took lots of lonnnngggg, looonngg rides.
Next to our campsite, the girls sniffed out a pond with plenty of mud and freezing water. That didn't stop them, of course.

Here's my favorite picture of the trip-- Reesey's back side. She was not as hearty as the other children-- and only slightly ventured into the glacier-like water.
Okay, to be fair and balanced, here's her cute front side.
Byron took Kean on his very first (hopefully the first of many) rides on the "Cheeto"-- Holland named our four wheeler that many years ago-- don't ask me why.
I'm sure he loved it-- up until he fell asleep.
We also celebrated Byron's 47th birthday!!! Yikes, can you believe he's so old? Or that he married a woman, um, at least half his age? Cradle robber! He may be old-- but he's still a major hunk in my book.
I missed the candle shot-- but we had homemade cinnamon rolls to celebrate.
Hope everyone had a great Father's Day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chuga, chuga "chew" "chew"!

You'll probably find this interesting. The average Down Syndrome child does not get his teeth in until about 2 years of age. But Kean is acting like his teeth are coming in. He's biting and gumming on everything in sight--- from washcloths to his sister's hair.

I have told you he's mastered the art of hair pulling, haven't I? Anyway, this is a rather blurry picture-- but it's one of the new therapy techniques he just loves. We're working on his vestibular (where his body is and balance)-- so swinging him in the blanket may look like fun and games-- but he's learning too!
We've got some fun things planned for the kids. So I'll be off line until the beginning of next week. Happy Father's day for all you dad's out there!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My, oh my. With school out, my schedule has gone out the window. We've been playing hard every day and now it's payback time. I've been up all night the past two nights. Both Reese and Kean have these awful coughs. So I'm back to doing middle of the night breathing treatments for Kean. I feel, today, like my head is full of wet, soggy sand. Gotta love motherhood.
Over the weekend, we went to the annual Eagle Fun Days Parade-- the best darn little parade in the country.
Besides throwing out candy and trinkets... and horses and clowns and old fashioned cars and... well you get the idea...

The second half of the parade is a "wet parade". Every kid from every corner of the county comes armed to the teeth with squirt guns and water blasters. The pick up behind the girls is lined with plastic and filled with water for quick refills.
The entire town turns into an all out war zone. Huge trucks cruise down the parade route completely dousing everyone in site (babies aren't even safe). Here's our good friend Mike Angus (disguised as an adult) taking on the kids who are waiting to take on a truck.

Reese doesn't quite have the "kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" mentality yet...
But Mike does! He got about as much as he dished out!
Unfortunately, it's over all too soon. The girls are already plotting for next year.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Work Out Times Two

Kean earned his nap today! After two therapy sessions, he was one tired little pup. Pat came this morning and besides working his mouth -- she had him use a bouncy ball Greer had gotten for her birthday.

An hour after Pat put him through the paces, his new therapist, Maureen came with her own exercise ball. So he had a lot of bouncing and rolling time today. Maureen is the one who is working on his vestibular (not sure of the spelling)-- but it's something about his equilibrium and balance that is tied into his inner ear. And in short, it's off.
Maureen has me playing this classical music that sounds like Mozart on crack. It's speeded up, filtered, sounds like all the bass has been taken out and it is a tad bit annoying. But it's supposed to stimulate his nerve endings or something like that. She also, on top of the rolling over on the ball and working on his strengthening exercises (trying to build up his tone), she gave me a very soft brush that I am to rub quite vigorously on his legs, arms and back. So far, he doesn't like it. But she assures me, he'll get used to it.
Of course, not liking it for Kean means grimacing-- not crying. He is the happiest, sweetest child. I am so in love with this boy!
P.S. Kean is 10 months old today (birth age). Wow... how did this happen?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Remember that song? It's been going through my head all day. The whirlwind is winding down. Greer had a carnival and Holland had a poetry program yesterday. They both came home with a mountain of paper and school supplies. I need another house just to house the stuff. Yikes.
We went swimming and had a BBQ at Grandpa Bodily's with his grandkids to celebrate the end.
Reese was thrilled to "kick and paddle".
By the way, she asked me the other day if talking was "really good exercise"?
I started to say no, not really, when she jumped in to say:
"Oh, I know, what about biting. Is biting good exercise for your mouth?"
What do you say to this kid?
She's always wondering about something crazy.

Monday, June 7, 2010


In that Kean is about to complete his 9th month here on earth, I thought I'd better get a few pictures of him looking like a little boy.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the girls. Our lives are about to do some serious changing. Or at least our routines.
Byron took the girls fishing on Saturday at a local pond. There wasn't much catching going on... but they sure had fun. Can't wait for Kean to be Byron's fishing buddy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I hurt Kean last night. On accident.
I was opening a can of the formula (extra calories I add to breast milk), I was holding him and being so careful to keep him away.
When I went to throw the metal lid in the garbage, he must have whipped his hand around and sliced it on the edge in a split second.
I noticed blood a moment or two later when he started crying.
I had blood all over my shirt, my arm, the floor and him.
And then I couldn't get it (or my tears) to stop.
He sliced the pinkie of his right hand-- and it's a pretty good cut.
Byron came down and took over trying to get it to stop bleeding.
It finally stopped when we were getting ready to go to the emergency room.
His finger is soooo tiny, I have no idea how in the world anyone would ever get a stitch or two in it.
We put ointment on it and cut up a band-aid to fit his finger.
Meanwhile, my neighbors-- Grandpa and Grandma Bodily swooped in and took the three girls to "Old MacDonald's" while we dealt with the drama.
I'm still traumatized but Kean seems fine.

Oh, by the way, Reese announced tonight we are no longer to call her by the name of Reese.
Her new name is Elizabeth Rainbow.
We've already been corrected 4 times.
She's serious about this one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The End of an Era

There's only a few more days left of school and so we are in warp speed-- attending this program and that. Holland's class put on a special afternoon for the moms. They kids sang songs, told stories and recited funny poetry.
But the highlight was when each of the kids read a letter they had composed especially for their moms. Here's Hollands (misspellings and all):
Dear Mom,
My mom is the best! She is awsome and kind. Mom you went through a lot of pain with Kean and being in the hospital for 71 days. Mom you are my sunshine. I love my mom. You are nice and kind. Thank you Mom for being my mother.

All the moms were pretty much choked up by the end of the program. The last little boy to read to his mom broke down in tears and the teacher had to finish the letter for him. It was such a sweet afternoon.
Reesey had her last day of pre-school. We celebrated with a program and picnic in the park. Of course, it was cool, windy and rainy.
Notice how Reese is at least a head shorter than most of the kids. Thankfully, she makes up with her over-the-top personality. Here they're singing about a "peckled frog" sitting on a "peckled log" eating some "most delicious bugs-- yum, yum"!
This is Reese with Mrs. Douglas (who she sometimes on accident referred to as Uncle Douglas).
And finally, Greer and the entire 1st grade gave their annual music program in the gym. GiGi is on the second row from the bottom in about the center. (She's behind the boy in the white shirt and tan shorts).
After the performance, we all headed back to her classroom for an "author's tea party". Each of the kids have spent tons of time writing and illustrating (water color and collages) a beautiful book. Greer's was about a lonely and lost fish-- Lily who came across another lost fish-- Lizzy. The two wandered the ocean-- so sad-- and teamed up with a Dolphin. Then the three of them became friends and a family. The end.
It's so fun having Grammy and Grandpa living close by so they can attend some of these uplifting and culturally stimulating events. We all loved it.
And finally... here's Kean and Byron after an exhausting day of work!