Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, March 30, 2009

You Can Stop Praying For My Sanity...

Dare I say it out loud???? I think Reese is offiically potty trained. No accidents in weeks. It's all clicked. No more spending a fortune on diapers every month. I'm dancing through my day. And as an added bonus-- the binkys are a thing of the past too! Ahhhhhh.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bye, Bye Binkey

Arrrrgggghhhh. So here we are with Reese at age 2 1/2 and I thought we were all done with the diapers. She's potty trained for the most part. Yes, there's been an accident here or there-- but those have been pretty sporadic ever since I told her for each accident we are cutting up one of her most prized possessions-- a binkey. One binkey for every accident. And it was working until last night.
No joke--15 minutes after she went potty on the toilet-- she went again-- this time, all over the couch and throw pillows. YUCK! After stripping the couch cushions and pillow covers and giving Reese a bath-- we got her very favorite pink binkey and gave it the old snip. (She's now down to one). Reese didn't even squeeze out a tear. Greer on the other hand, broke down into body wracking sobs. She was heartbroken over Reese losing her favorite and bestest pink binkey. Go figure. I'm now ready to sign up for parenting 101.