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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frankly My Dear, We're Exhausted

Ahhhhh, today is over.  Kean has had his mountain of meds, his shot (Byron gave it to him tonight) and he is in bed.
Phew.  It was a long day.  Steroid Boy had to fast for his surgery... which stresses this mom to the moon.  He
is one agitated kiddo.  But the Spinal Tap, the Bone Marrow draw and the Chemo (put into his spine and brain)
 went great - according to the doctor.
Kean woke up from the anesthesia and was ready to eat and drink.  Get this, he's gained a little over a pound since he was weighed two days ago.  Crazy!
 The power eating, hopefully, will be winding down.  I gave him his last dose of Steroids for a while.  His birthday is tomorrow (Keanut turns 3) and honestly, I can think of few presents that would be better.  Now my big
issue is how to make a birthday cake for him out of bacon, cheesy popcorn and crunchy chips.  He spits out
anything sweet-- cake, ice cream, cookies etc.  So if you have a great recipe hanging around... pass it on!
One final note about Kean; the Bone Marrow draw taken today should show that he is officially in "remission". 
Doctor Meeker said his blasts two weeks ago were below 5 percent and if they are below 3 percent, he will be in remission.  Which means we get to move on to the next phase of treatment.  The protocol he is on for Leukemia has the doctors throwing everything they can at him for phase one and then I hear phase four is pretty awful.  So perhaps we will get a bit of a break for the next two phases-- he'll still get Chemo but hopefully it will not be as intense.
Since we were at the hospital from morning until night, my dear friend Pam took the girls
 to the water park: Roaring Springs.
 Being the smart mom that she is, she set up a tent with blankets,
 pillows and games since she knew they had to be exhausted.
 This is Pam's granddaughter with Reese.  You'd never know they are the same age, both going into 1st grade.
Too bad I didn't have this picture last night to illustrate the fact that we are so proud Reese has finally made
it onto the growth charts.  She may be small but her personality is as big as a sperm whale. 
 The girls opened the park and closed the park.
I swear they are having such a fun summer-- much better than if I were around.
So again, thanks to friends for circling the wagon and taking care of our family.
And thanks to Teresa Peery for bringing the yummiest dinner over.
I am so tired, my eyeballs hurt.  To come home and have dinner brought in-- wow.  I am blessed
with some remarkable friends.


Stacy said...

So glad all the procedures went ok & that the girls are being entertained so well!

About the Reese milestone, I have to say she still looks dinky compared to my 90th% 1st grade boy ... but oh how cute! Happy she's on the charts now. :)

mazie07 said...

Congratulations Reesy girl! Love to you all!

Julia said...

How about a cheesy bacon pizza pie instead of cake