Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Move Over Chubby Checkers... Introducing Chubby Cheekers

The girls came up for the first time since their trip to Wyoming and were amazed at how the Steroids have
made Kean's cheeks balloon out.  It was interesting.  He was so excited to see them but didn't want them to
touch him.  Some days I feel the same way...
 So in the news business, we would say that I buried the lead-- but instead I opted to "write to my pictures".
Kean's counts have zoomed past the 500 count minimum to a whopping 670.
So it is looking pretty darn positive that we will head home tomorrow.
In fact, Dr. Meeker just left and said he will move the Chemo treatment up to first thing, so we can try and be home by lunch.  I don't even know what to think, I'm so tired.  But I do at least feel excitement at getting out of here.
My mom came up yesterday and took over Keanut Cuddling duty to give me a break.
I went and got my haircut-- thank you Tammy Christensen-- she wouldn't let me pay.
And thank you to the Young Men in our church (16-18 yr olds) who spent the evening doing a service project-- working on our property with Byron.  I know they got a ton done, because Byron is exhausted today.
I took the girls to the annual NICU picnic at a park in downtown Boise last night.
Once a year, they invite all the graduates of the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit and we get to see the doctors, nurses and
other health care workers who took care of Kean and so many other sick babies when they were first born.
We mainly went to see these two:
Kelly and Emily Hughston.  Kelly had tiny twin girls and was in the room right next to us for most of their stay.
Only sweet Emily survived.  NICU is one of the most traumatic places on earth
and also one of the sweetest places on earth. 
 Kelly has become one of my closest friends over the three years since our babies were born.  I like to joke we were
drawn to each other because we were about the only two mothers up there not sporting tattoos and multiple body piercings!  The NICU picnic is one of my girls' favorites.  They have games, too much food, bounce houses etc.
The best part though is seeing our old friends-- and we ran into a few families we adore.  So it was a nice break and
a great chance for some fresh air.
This time tomorrow... I'll be h.o.m.e.
Deep sigh.