Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 24: Free At Last... Free At Last...

The headline says it all.
The bird as flown the cage...
Elvis has left the building...
Kean is finally at home.
Dr. Meeker came in at around 10:30 this morning to tell us today was the day.
Kean's counts keep climbing.  Today he rang in at a whopping 720.
Unfortunately, it took us almost the entire day to get all the paperwork, the mountain of meds lined up, me
trained on how to flush out his PIC line, home health set up and medical supplies delivered to the house
before we could make our get-a-way at 4 p.m.
One of Kean's favorite nurses, Joe (his mom was the one who gave Keanut the haircut)
took care of us today and sent us off...
It was almost embarrassing how much stuff we had accumulated in our 3 1/2 week stay.
Someone reminded me we had so much to take home because we are so very loved.
Kean did get a bit excited.  Just a bit.  He is so beyond exhausted.  During lunch, he could hardly keep
his head up.  He kept resting it on his shoulder.  This picture captures his look right know quite accurately...
he's puffy from the Steroids and half comatose.
I'm hoping now that he's home, he'll perk up a bit.  For now he's already zonked
and I'm not far behind.  I can't wait, wait, wait to sleep in my own bed without nurses coming in all night!
Phew.  We are home, sweet home.


lizi said...

So, so, so happy you're home! Enjoy the comforts of your beautiful, cozy home. I can just see the sunlight pouring in the windows tomorrow morning!

Steven Swihart said...

I'll miss the Keanster, but so glad you guys are home! He has such a great support system! I am truly blessed to have been a small part of your stay!

Melissa said...

Horray, Horray, Horray!!!! So happy for you guys! I hope that he will be so happy back at home.

Terra said...

Such happy news!!! There really is no place like home:) So glad for your family to be all together again.