Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 26: Let's Try This Again...

We should be outta here in a few hours.
The swelling in Kean's arm has gone down somewhat.
The ultrasound showed a good sized clot, so now he will be on another med:  Lovenox -- a blood thinner.  Two sucky things, he gets it via shots in his tummy twice a day and will be on it for months and months.  Guess who gets to learn how to give him the stomach shots?  Yep, moi.  There is a nurse here who will have me practice on her shortly.  Can you imagine?  I'm going to be giving a nurse shots in her stomach.  This is crazy stuff.  I felt very brave this morning when I actually succeeded in "watching" the nurse give Kean his shot (instead of turning away).  I don't do blood or shots-- so one of the other nurses kindly told me I need to get my "big girl panties on".  So here goes....
One other note, for those of you keeping count on his counts:  he zoomed from 720 on Friday to 2060 on Saturday.  That is in normal ranges.   He seems to be responding great to the Chemo.  Yippeee... all those prayers to heaven are being heard and answered. Thank you!


A Gal on a Mission said...

Oh my gosh ... totally laughing about the "big girl panties!" I feel the same way about shots, etc. I actually quite dislike "nursing" people so it's shocking how much of my life I've done it! :) May the force be with you big girl!

Love ya!