Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tick Tock

Today will be considered a good day-- because we are still at home.
My "daily pic" of Kean captures what is now typical.
I remember b.c. (before Cancer) people constantly commenting on how the boy never sits still
and is full of energy.
Well, those days are looong gone.  He wakes up tired and barely moves all day.
 He was supposed to start school tomorrow.  That has been postponed for one year.
But the good news is he now gets to keep his home therapy.  Maureen (Momma Gump) came by
and when she walked in... he was all smiles.  He LOVES his Maureen.
He didn't have the energy to do much of anything but snuggle.
And that just might be his therapy for the next little while:  Cuddle Therapy.
My friend Pam came over and helped feed him, bathe him and get him to bed.
It was a nice break-- no shots tonight or tomorrow morning, since he has surgery.
The girls are spending the night at my brother's.
We celebrated last night an important milestone for Reesey.
Are you ready for this? 
She had her birthday check-up at the doctor's and finally made it on to the growth charts.
The little munchkin is in the 5th percentile for weight
and the 3rd percentile for height.
We sure ran out of gas with that one!