Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Plowing Forward

Ah.... routine.  Love it.
Day two of school went much better.
The bus wasn't quite as late.
Holland successfully tackled her locker combination
and Reese and Greer came home all smiles.
Tired, but smiling.
I think they are pining away for the glory days of summer.
And man, have they been glorious.
Last Saturday was what we around here call "Mary K Day".
For years, Mary K has taken the girls out for their birthdays and spoiled them rotten.
This year was Reese's first year to get to go-- and Mary K took them all
to the fair.

 They did it all... rides, cotton candy, fried food and games.
 She's not only a good sport-- she's a saint in my eyes
and in the eyes of the girls?  She's beyond a saint... she walks on water.
And has earned coolest adult in the universe status.
As for Keanut... he had another good day.  The gap on his incision has scabbed over
so I'm hoping it won't be a big deal when he is checked over at the hospital tomorrow.
He is scheduled for another Spinal Tap and dose of Chemo in the morning.
It should be the last one in this phase they call "Consolidation".
Since we have procedures and Chemo on Thursdays, I've noticed Kean's best days are Wednesdays.
Momma Gump, his favorite therapist came today and he did great... he's really starting to put weight on
those skinny little legs.  He also took a wild spin on his new bike.
The clicking noise you hear in the video are the blinkers on the bike.
It's a pretty cool ride.
And here's what I did today, while the boy took a nap.
I bottled up and made jam out of the blackberries and the raspberries from our garden.
It's so nice to have a good day.
P.S.  I think Byron has the flu.
He's staying quarantined in our room.  Cross your fingers it is short lived and not contagious.


Stacy said...

That jam looks to die for! Yum! Also, the picture in the last blog of the girls waiting for the bus with arms around each other is SO cute!

Love ya!


ps-I also really hope Byron doesn't have the plague. Eeek!