Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Land of the Shining Mountains

Nothing like blogging about our family vacation nearly two months after the fact!
It may not be timely but we sure had a phenomenal trip.
We went with our close friends, the Borup's to Montana.
We visited the old farm where Byron grew up...
 We spent time with his mom, Grandma Kay
and some dear friends, the Morgan's.
 We strolled the quaint streets of Byron's hometown, Big Fork.
 And then headed up into Glacier Park for a couple of days.
 We all had fun taking family pics with the stunning scenery
behind us in every picture.
The Borup's were so much fun to be with 
and get this, they still are our friends after spending that 
many days with us in our camp trailer!!!
 We hiked up about half way to where Byron was chased
by a grizzly bear years ago.  If you haven't
heard his crazy story, you should.  That bear had him
and for some reason, let him go.
 We also oohed and awed over
some of the sites.  It was so pretty, it
almost looked fake.
 We walked the shores of the lake in the rain.
But that didn't stop us from spending a good half hour
seeing who could skip rocks the farthest.
 This boy.
He loved, loved being outside
and got a good work out nearly every day.
 We love visiting Glacier in the fall...
 Even though several of the hotels and lodges are closed,
it is as if we have the whole park nearly to ourselves.
 And there is a picture perfect picture to take
nearly everywhere you turn.
 Outside the park, we visited White Fish Lake...
 Swan Lake...
 And Holland Lake.
Yep, that's right.
Holland has her own personal lake.
Or at least she thinks so.
 And yes...
We love Montana.
In fact, I think, Byron would move back in a minute.
Uh, not gonna happen.
I'd be the first white cross on the side of the road...
Too cold.
Gorgeous but too cold.