Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our New Normal

Phew!  We got through a day at home with no drama.
In other words, we are still here.
Byron suggested I take a picture of the Buddha Boy every day... so we can watch how this
battle with Cancer changes him.
As you can see, he is packing on the weight.
This round of steroids ends this Friday. 
Thank goodness, I feel like I have three teenage boys living here with the amount of food he's scarfing down.
Since that huge football player, Perry has already taken the nickname "Refrigerator", I was thinking
we could call our guy:  Kean "the Pantry" Barker.  Whattdya think?
Just to give you some insight, his neck is now so thick, most of his bibs won't fit!
I did get through two rounds of shots to his stomach today.  I learned the hard way, I need one of the girls to help me hold him still.  He wiggled too much during this morning's injection and the bruise is much, much larger than the other ones.
Ug.  The Home Health Nurse who came to check on him told me not to sweat it.
Too bad she can't be here at 8am and 8 pm to handle shot duty.
Perhaps it will get easier.
On the bright side, did I mention we are home?


Aunt Pam said...

Glad you had a good day! Thinking of you all the time.. wishing we were neighbors so we could wave at each other from the window... (Anne of Green Gables).
Anyway, just wanted to say I love you. can't wait to spend the day with the girls on Thursday and Friday. xoxo