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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Buddha Birthday Boy

We hit the jackpot with the birthday boy.  I made two cakes:  the first-- a cheddar cheese, bacon and zucchini quiche.
He gobbled it up.
 I also made a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and a few blackberries from the garden.  And surprise of all surprises, Keanut actually ate about 4 or 5 bites.  The Steroids must be wearing off faster than we thought.
Kean had a pretty good birthday.  We kept on top of his pain, so he was a little happier today.
He was spoiled rotten in the gift department.  Grandpa and Grandma Bodily (our neighbors and adopted grandparents) gave him a pound of bacon- ha, ha ...
 and Pam and Rod Brown gave him popcorn and a popcorn popper.  He actually smiled big-time
when he saw the popcorn box.
 Reesey gave him her favorite baby doll (so sweet)
 and he got a baseball bat, books, cars, puppets and play dough from dear friends and relatives.
I got choked up when he got a card from all the families he used to attend Tumble Time with.
 Back before he got sick, every Monday morning, he had therapy at the Tumble Time gym.
There were two therapists and about six kids.  Kean loved, loved, loved, Tumble Time and so did I.
The families and therapists were our friends.
 These pictures were taken several months ago
 but man, did he have fun and did he ever make progress in walking, climbing and following a routine.
So their little card will be a keeper.
Days like this sure make you realize how loved Kean is... but hey, what's not to love?
Pretty amazing to see how skinny he looked back in the day.
Happy Birthday my little 3 year old.
So very thankful we are together as a family to celebrate.


mazie07 said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I will celebrate with you when I come out this week. After all it should be a birthweek not just a birthday! Love you so, Mama Gump!

Doug Scott said...

Happy birthdy Kean from a big supporter in North Carolina! Lonnie hang in there. I know it is grueling but children do so much better than adults.