Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 22: It's Getting Better All The Time (name that tune)!

Oh... are things looking up.  Doctor Meeker was just in.  Kean's numbers are fabulous!  His ANC count is up to 420 today.  It needs to be over 500 to get outta here.  So we are getting closer to our goal.
Plus, I know they are serious about sending us home since they are pulling him off all of his antibiotics to see how he does and helping me to set up home health care.
Kean had a bit of a rough night- but that was to be expected with all the drama of yesterday's surgical procedure.  He's much happier today.  Could that possibly be because we are not starving the boy?
Other than Keanut waking me up, I would have had a much better night in here because one of my dear friends who took care of me three years ago did something kind of naughty-- but really nice for me!  This person, who shall remain unnamed, snagged an egg crate mattress for me from downstairs.  Another nurse asked her if she was getting it to take home for herself.  But when she explained that I had spent 75 days in Antepartum, Kean has spent 45 days in NICU and now we were upstairs on floor 4 for Cancer... the two of them figured we've paid for it several times over!  I'll be taking it home with me and bringing it back each time I come to Hotel St. Luke's.  Thanks-- to you know who you are!
And thanks to Kim Worthen for bringing up the yummy muffins.  Kean's even been munching on them.  Surprising since they are sweet instead of salty.  Thanks to Pam Brown for Baja Fresh last night and cuddling with Kean and keeping me sane.  Thanks to Hannah Manning for all the snacks and drinks and for getting my kids back to school supplies.  Hugs to my friend Carmen for the Costa Vida lunch she's bringing me. today.  Before she married one of my buddies from my single days, she was a pediatric Cancer nurse at Primary Children's Hospital in SLC.  She will be a great shoulder to lean on through this long and harrowing process.  And I can't forget Marcie Cook who is taking the girls today for a bike ride and play and who went to my garden, found that my beans should have been picked weeks ago and took beans from her own garden and bottled them up for our family.  I swear, I have felt during the darkest, more painful moments that Kean had angels by his bedside comforting him.  I feel I have had my own set of angels helping me with the children, taking care of me in here and helping my life out there continue.  I am truly one blessed girl.  I've said it before-- I am surrounded by giants.