Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Starting...

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time.
I've been running my fingers through Kean's hair and as of yesterday, a few strands are consistently starting to come out.
And today, I noticed a number of hairs on his navy shirt.
He seems to have turned a corner today.  I think the pain from his Bone Marrow procedure
has subsided.  The only thing I'm really worried about now is he's running a low grade fever.
If he gets over 101... it's back to, yes, you guessed it, our room on the 4th floor at the hospital.
Double yuck.

 I'm sure I'll be up several times in the night to check his temp.
I have to give him some medicine at 2 a.m.... so I'll already be up anyway.
Life with the girls continues to move forward.  They were bummed today that they couldn't have a friend over.
But thankfully, they play quite well together.
Tonight they made harnesses for their bunnies.  And surprisingly, the bunnies didn't seem to mind.
 Yesterday, Greer and Holland went riding in the hills behind our house with their friend, Zayah and her father.
I keep telling them, they are having a much better summer than if they'd been hanging out with me everyday.
Thank you again and again to all our friends for stepping up and really helping out!


mazie07 said...

Praying extra prayers for kean tonight!

Aunt Pam said...

Hey Lon: I love and miss you, K and the girls already! xoxo