Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Snuggle Bunnies

I am so ready to retire.
I spent most of my entire day running the girls Blackberry empire for them.
We picked and sold 35 gallons today.
And let me tell ya, that's a lot of berries!
Here's the sad part of this story-- we still have three rows that need picking.
 Holland did me a favor today and put Kean down for a nap.
She never came down and it was awfully quiet up there....
Two cute kids snug in a crib.
Wouldn't have thought I'd find her there
but so glad I did.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Kean had a cheering section this morning for his regular Physical Therapy date
with Grandpa Bodily.
(Lee's daughter, her husband and granddaughter are visiting from Boston).
 Our boy was quite willing to walk up and down the long driveway
to get the much coveted lawn mower ride with Grandpa Bodily.
 Have you ever seen such a blissful look on a boy's face?
 Oh, and Holland got home from Girls Camp late this afternoon.
Kean was so happy to see his "Hottie".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Bingo night with the Barkettes.
Holland is away at church girls camp
but Greer led Reese and one of our favorite friends- Mary K
in a rousing game of trying to get five in a row.
The much coveted prize?
A piece of gum.
 Reese had a big day-- on top of a friend's birthday party,
Elly Moomey took her birthday shopping.
Reese got a new pair of sneakers...
 and some sparkly white sandals to match
her Baptism dress.
In our church, when you turn eight, you are old
enough to know right from wrong and decide
whether you'd like to be baptized a member of 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
And Saturday is Reese's big day.
She's getting baptized by her dad at 10 a.m.
(at the church on Eagle Road south of Beacon Light)
if anyone would like to come.
We'd love it.
p.s. fresh berries and ice cream afterward.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Ronquillos

Every day can't be a motorcycle day.
And some days have to be "housekeeping days"... 
like getting a dreaded haircut.
Kean hates, hates, hates getting his hair cut.
However, Byron gets his hair 'done" by one of the sweetest women in the world-
Sara Ronquillo.
It took several of us working together
to keep Kean entertained and from freaking out
(just out of the picture is Sara's other daughter Lavinina and Byron).
 If this all feels familiar- it should.
When Kean was so sick in the hospital nearly two years ago
(and his hair was matted into little dread locks in the back and thinning in the front),
Sara and her daughter Sabrina came to the hospital
to cut his hair.
 It wasn't any easier then.
Sara has the patience of Job and the swiftness of an Olympian.
 We especially love, love this family.
Sara's two daughters both work for St. Luke's
and so do her two sons-- including Joe-- hands down,
one of Kean's favorite nurses!
Both Byron and Kean got their hair cut and both look
much, much better.
But only Kean got hugs and snuggles from Sara.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Biker Gang Induction

Kean had his nirvana morning of all mornings--
He hooked up with a group of Boise bikers
for a little lovin' and a little ridin'.
This group was actually on its way to Sun Valley to join
about 600 other bikers from the surrounding states
to escort a busload of cancer kids up to Camp Rainbow Gold.
 The background:  every year hundreds of bikers converge at a park
in Bellevue, Idaho and wait for the bus of children fighting cancer
to make their way from Boise to Sun Valley.
The bikers then escort the bus through Bellevue, Hailey and Ketchum
all the way up to Camp.
I guess it is quite the site to behold.
(A friend sent me this).
The organizers had heard what a fanatic Kean is for cycle rides
and invited our family up to the event-- but we couldn't pull
if off-- between the long car ride and Kean's counts being too low
(no immune system).
Instead, he was invited to meet a small group of bikers
heading up to the big group.
The guys sure spoiled him
He got a teddy bear, a small replica motorcycle, a do rag (modeled by Reesey)
and the greatest shirt on the face of the earth!
The pics don't do it justice but it is a shirt screened with his own
leather Harley biker vest-- complete with a tuft of chest hair
at the collar and built in tattoos on the arms.
 The back of it says:  "Live Free, Ride Free".
And Nate, sitting right there on his bike is the guy who
tracked it down in a size 4T!
 We were each charmed by these wonderful bikers...
 they were darling with the Keanut Man....
and so cute with each of the girls.
Of course, the guys did take Kean for a ride
and let me put it this way-- the boy did NOT want to get off!
Just look at that smile.
I swear, if we would have let him, he would have hitched a ride
all the way to Sun Valley.
Maybe next year will be his year!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Snakes and Spas

Reason number 746 of why I am thankful Kean 
is not a typical boy?
Hate 'em.
Really hate 'em.
 And no matter how hard my kids beg to keep one as a pet--
not gonna happen.
Even if Greer names him "Chopper" and he's
quote: tiny, cute and just a baby.
Not gonna happen.
 I'd be a bad boy's momma.
I'm much better at girl stuff... 
like the impromptu spas the girls are constantly setting up in the kitchen.
 Of course, Kean wants nothing to do with them.
He's all about motorcycles.
Tune in tomorrow for something really special.
Can't wait!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Bandaid

We had a tiny vacation from Kean feeling and acting completely miserable.
He had horse therapy this morning
and the entire time he was on Romeo.. he was happy and content
oh, and don't forget smiling.
 This momma sure got a work out.
I don't know what it is about speed-- whether motorcycles
or horses -- but the boy loves to go.
 Candice, her daughter and I just did our best to run alongside Romeo
and keep up with our little cowboy.
 This afternoon, while Mister Bronco took a nap, my new neighbor, Shelley
came over to learn how to make jam.
We made four batches of blackberry and apricot.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Best Medicine

Poor Keanut man.
He clearly had jaw pain today and some foot pain.
Maureen came for therapy this morning and even though he adores her--
he wasn't willing to do much of anything.
Even swimming was a bust.
 I'll tell you what worked-- what did the trick
but I'm guessing you can guess:
a well timed cycle ride with Motorcycle Jeff.
I've said it before and I'll say it again-- angels
ride Harley's in my world!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Riding the Bull

Do you ever get so tired ... you'd allow yourself to sit and drool
in the corner of a room if it wasn't so doggone inappropriate?
That's me tonight.
But with good reason.
The girls and I headed up into the mountains this morning for
a day long white water rafting adventure.
(Byron is out of town for work-- dang).
 We met up with a group of other cancer families, loaded up on a bus
and headed further up the Payette River.
 All I can say is we had an absolute blast...
the girls took turns "riding the bull"-- sitting on the front part of the boat
for the biggest rapids.
Even Reesey rode the bull-- the picture below is of Greer
being tossed back into the boat during one of the Class III
rapids.  Those are her little bird feet sticking up into the air.
 In all, there were 7 boats in our group-- and of course,
we had the very, very best guide on our raft-- Ryan.
It was a picture perfect day... we felt quite spoiled
with the river guides fixing us a gourmet lunch and 
keeping us entertained with the stories of their nomadic lives.
We had water fights with the other rafts and jumped into the river
periodically to cool off.
But most of all, it was so fun just to get away--
away from the phones, the computer, the therapy
and the cancer.  Someday, hopefully, Kean will
get to come and enjoy some of these sweet gestures
provided for our family all because of him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chemo With a Side of Attention Please

Yuck, Ug and Blehhh.
Today was hospital Chemo day for Keanut.
Actually, it's really not too bad it's just what happens at home 
when the Chemo hits him later that I hate so very much.
Many of you have asked if he cries when he goes for Chemo.
Surprisingly, no.
He cries at home when I numb up his port-- I think he knows what's to come
and he truly hates, hates, hates being held down.
But once we get to St. Luke's, he usually quite happy.
Who wouldn't be - when he's treated like a rock star
and surrounded by doting women.
(Byron tell him daily that he's a lady's man-- and this sure proves it!)
Our friend from church, Sheila Hansen was today's Chemo date
and let me tell you, she was delightful.
I don't think I'd make it through these days without our dates.
Today Sheila kept me company, helped entertain Kean,
helped hold his legs down so he couldn't keep kicking the doctor
while she examined him, watched Frozen with him while
I ran over to the pharmacy to pick up this week's meds
and sang songs to him in the car and during Chemo.
We are very blessed to be surrounded by so many good friends.
p.s. the boy was MISERABLE tonight-- but sweet Holland
deserves huge kudos for taking him on a four wheeler ride 
so he would stop crying.
That girl is an angel (most of the time).

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Treasure Hunt

Ohhh, you should've been at my house tonight.
We made a fresh blackberry sour cream crumb pie
to celebrate Reese's birthday a few days ago
and our neighbor, Grandma Bodily's birthday coming up.
 I'll just say it was killer.
(The girls are selling blackberries again if you want some and the recipe).
 Now that I've got your taste buds watering (and they should be),
I'll switch gears to the final highlights of our big vacation to
Telluride, Colorado.
Our last full day, we drove to Ouray where we toured
an old silver mine.
 Our miner/guide picked Greer to be the leader of our group
which means she got the flashlight.
We followed her 1500 feet into the mountain and walked
on the old tracks that the carts used.  Next to us was a little
stream flowing water-- they said that 300 gallons come out of 
the mountain every hour.
 Once we got way in, our guide showed everyone how the
miners would hammer spikes into the rock to place the
dynamite sticks.
He pulled Holland up to hold the spike and turn it while he hammered.
Good thing he didn't miss.
 Then he let all the kids take a turn.
Notice the jackets... it was a balmy 50 degrees in there.
 We ended the tour with a little gold panning in the stream outside the mine.
 Each of the girls found gold-- mostly fool's gold
but to them, it was like hitting the lottery.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back on the Bike

Ahhh, life is back to our normal hum...
Reese is healthy- bouncing around.
She opened birthday presents last night
and was pretty thrilled with her bow and arrows.
Get this, she won the top medal at Camp Rainbow Gold
in archery for her age group.
Who knew?!?!
(Holland did too).
 She also felt good enough to tear into her maple bacon donut.
 And back to normal for Kean means... yep, cycle ride time.
I made the mistake of telling him Motorcycle Jeff was coming.
And as you can see, he couldn't get here soon enough.
 Life is good.
And as it should be....
we are all back home.
The girls are healthy.
And Kean is back on the bike.