Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

House of Invalids

Oh, at about 3 O'clock this morning, Byron
told me he had the perfect name for a band:
House of Invalids.
Just think of the covers he and Kean could do:
These Boots Were Made for Walking...
I Walk the Line...
I'm Walking on Sunshine.
Endless possibilities.
Today was a rough one for Byron.
Neither of us got much sleep and he tells me his leg doesn't hurt much-- 
as long as he doesn't move.
This is going to be a long haul.
To give him encouragement, our daughter Greer,
known affectionately around the house as the "Duct Tape Queen"...
spelled out "EPIC" on the side of the mattress.
Epic fall.
Epic break.
Epic Dad.
 I forgot to show you what Grammy and the girls came up with
yesterday to take to the hospital-- a candy letter for Pops.
We've really been quite showered with lots of love and support.
Remember in my post the other night telling you all about our latest trial?
I wrote that what I really needed was to change lives with one of you!!!
 I got a message back from a dear friend that stopped me in my tracks
and put everything into perspective.
   With all the love in your life, of course I would switch lives with you in a second. You are so loved, despite all the drama and adventures.

He is soooo right.

Thanks for a well timed reminder.

Also, Kean had a relatively decent day in spite of all the 
poison, oops, I mean, Chemo he got yesterday.
What a blessing.