Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tender Mercies

I have to admit, in a way it was a good thing that Kean had his heavy Chemo today.
It forced me to get back into the swing of things and snap back into reality.
Christine Langford was our Chemo date for the day-- she's darling
and was the perfect company to be with after such an insane weekend.
 Everything went well.
Kean was in great spirits and we didn't have much down time (waiting around time).
 Kean had a tiny bit of difficulty with his breathing during the sedation
but once he was awake, he was fine.
 We had two tender mercies tonight... first, other than some diarrhea,
Kean has felt great and has been happy all night.
Trust me, the effects of the heavy Chemo usually kick in by this time.
Sorry to scream it-- but what a relief on so many levels.
He dazzled the doctor with how well he is doing so got cut lose a day early.
We've moved Holland out of her downstairs room and Byron in--
the trick will be keeping all the kids out of the bed. 
They were so thrilled to have him home.
By the way, he's been given the new nickname:  Iron Man
thanks to all the metal in his leg.
Byron is one tough cookie.  He's already weaned himself off the heavy pain meds--
but I have a feeling he is going to be an awful patient.  He is not one to sit still
or laze around.  This is going to be a huge test of his will power and probably my patience.
But we'll get through it.
We've had non-stop visitors coming to hear first hand his "harrowing"
story of how Mister Daredevil broke his leg so badly.
Ha, ha....
By the way, wanna find out how much you are loved?
Go through a series of traumas and trials like us--
we've been deluged with kind words, sympathetic ears
and countless offers to help.
(On second thought, don't go through it, just ask me and I'll tell you how loved you are)!
So here's the thing-- our church congregation is bringing in meals this week
and we really don't have any idea how anyone can help at this point.
We need a few days to get our feet under us and things figured out
(did you catch that cheesy play on words?).