Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Hive

The "House of Invalids" looked more like a beehive this morning
as several families from our church showed up to do a service project--
and help with our property.
It was amazing...
one crew fixed part of the fence those darn cows had messed up...
 Others dug some wells around some of our outlying trees....
 while another crew weeded...
 and others helped us rip out some diseased climbing roses
and plant new ones.
 While still another spent hours on our old tractor
cleaning up our field.
 This was a double challenge for Byron--
letting others do the work
and keeping him off his leg.
 Most of the morning he rode around on the four wheeler
(notice the handy holder for his crutches in front)...
and this worked out quite well-- he could answer questions,
supervise and feel like he was helping.
For those of you who don't know him well-- he is a working
machine.  Well, he was.
 Even though it was rather chilly today... Kean logged some quality time on
the four wheeler with dad...
and surprise, surprise, got in a ride with "Motorcycle Bill"
and his bike this evening.
We have succeeded in getting Kean to say "Harley" one time.
We are still working on "Motorcycle Bill".
We are pretty blessed, aren't we?


Marti said...

Was the service project aimed at getting Barker men to smile? GO TEAM!