Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Poster Family

Another day, another day closer to Byron being healed.
Yeah right.  We've got a long haul ahead of us-- 9 months to a year before he's 
back to full capacity.  
But it sounds good to tell myself that.
Holland helped me take Keanut for a walk this afternoon.
That girl-- I just love her.
She told me she has a dream of creating an assisted living community
for young adults and adults with Down syndrome.
I see the fact that our girls are so compassionate and kindhearted
as a direct result of all the upheaval and challenges 
we've gone through thus far.
So there's another silver lining.
(Byron and I have desperately been forcing ourselves to find and focus on
the silver linings)!
We've had a few people tell us perhaps the silver lining
to Byron getting injured and now being out of work-- could
be the opportunity for others to serve our family.
Um, hate to break the news, but we have been the poster
family for others serving us.
If you think about it, on and off for five years starting with my problematic pregnancy,
 we've been surrounded
by friends, neighbors, family and church members helping us, lifting us
and loving us.  
It has been an incredibly beautiful experience to feel so loved and supported--
but really, I can't begin to imagine that's why we are struggling once again.
On to the next theory.
By the way, our super cool Home Teacher (guy assigned from our church congregation
to visit our family once a month and make sure we are doing okay), Jonathan Riggs
came over this afternoon and got our sprinklers up and running. 
 See what I'm talking about?