Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Cow Whisperers

 Did you hear that?
A huge sigh of relief coming from our place.
Our neighbors have come to the rescue of my sanity...
John and Dani Pearman have offered to keep our problematic cow, Sadie
in their pasture for a few months while Byron heals.
And our other neighbors, Brett and Diane Williams came over this morning
to load her up in their trailer and take her to the Pearmans.
 Unfortunately, Sadie was less than cooperative.
She saw the trailer and went the other way...
it took all of us-- the Williams, their son Chase, Holland and Greer about an hour
to coax her anywhere near the trailer.
 I wish you could have seen Holland, she was magnificent---
slowly inching Sadie to her transport by calling her "Princess"
and giving her corn.
 And it worked-- her patience paid off.
And off the Williams drove with their very unhappy passenger.
Once again, we are in awe of the support of our friends, neighbors
and church members who have been so good to us.
 As for our "Invalid", he's frustrated his pain isn't lessening.
I've told him this staying down and holding still is all about getting into a mental zone.
Poor guy.  I hope he turns a corner quickly.
One of the brightest spots of his forced convalescence is
that he's home all the time.
(I might not think this is a bright spot after a few weeks).
He did Reese's hair for school every day this week.
And today, Holland did his hair!!!
Thankfully, he can't go anywhere with that do!