Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Praying for a Miracle

Somehow we survived another Chemo day.
As usual, it was a roller coaster.
When they accessed Kean's port in his chest, I should have known
something was up when the return blood was old and brown looking.
And sure enough, his port was clogged and wouldn't give any blood.
Finally, after a good extra hour of waiting for the TPA to be ordered
and this anti-blood clotting med to do it's magic...
they got blood!!!
Between the blood issue and Kean's chemo, we had a lot of
waiting around.
Today's lovely and talented "Chemo date" was Cheri Givens
(in the pink shirt on the back right). 
Oh, did she save our bacon-- from singing songs for Kean
to taking him on speed racer rides in his stroller down the hall of
the hospital while we waited for his weekly meds to be made--
she was brilliant.
 Everyone always asks me if Kean freaks out when he has to go
to the hospital for Chemo.
The only time he loses it is in the morning at home when I numb
up his port.  He knows what it means.
But geez, the nurses and Child Life Specialists treat him like a rock star
and for the most part, he forgets about why he is there.
The rest of us, of course, see constant reminders of
what a hard place MSTI actually is.
Today our time at the hospital clinic brought us together 
with one of our favorite families from this crazy cancer journey.
We saw Anthony M. and his parents.
Heartbreakingly,  Anthony's brain tumors have spread
and his name is on the lips of every person in our family
every single day as they give a prayer in our home.
The girls have been so worried about him, they asked if they could
make him a "Candy Letter".
 With all the radiation he's getting, I don't think candy sounded
too appetizing-- but we are hoping it will at least remind him
how many of us love him and are praying for a miracle.


Tamra Zinn said...

Hi Lonni, there are so many amazing people out there....i am so glad you have been helped and uplifted by some of them!!! Kean is a trooper! You are amazing! May the Lord bless Anthony and his family. I love you.