Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Secret Basket

Byron's leg looks a lot better today than it did yesterday.
So we are making progress.
My worry though, is he will get around the pain corner
and overdo it.
Who am I kidding, that's exactly what he will do!
It was much cooler and windy today-- Kean crawled
around the house much of the afternoon with his motorcycle helmet.
Hint.  Hint dad.
 I have to tell you about what happened to our family last night--
we got a call from our neighbor's the Bodily's saying
the Easter Bunny had stopped by and delivered a basket
to their house for the Barker kids.
Of course, the girls couldn't run down there fast enough.
They came back with a bag filled with treats, the cutest pair of
shorts and a t-shirt for Keanut...
 and new Easter outfits for the girls!!!
They were beyond thrilled
and mom was a bit teary.
So dear Easter Bunny...
thank you wherever you are
(and whoever you are)!