Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rear Window

Gotta love lazy Saturday afternoons.
Byron and Holland cuddled up to watch Rear Window 
starring two of my favs-- Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly.
 One of Byron's best friends-- Wendy, sent him the movie.
In case you are not familiar with it, Jimmy Stewart plays a man
who has broken his leg and is stuck sitting in a chair.
From his window, he sees what appears to be a neighbor
 in the apartment building commit a murder.
We laughed so hard when Byron got this movie in the mail.
A bit of life imitating art-- just without the murder.
Meanwhile, Mister Kean, who was not one iota interested in the movie,
posted himself at our rear window
and pined away for a motorcycle ride--
 and guess what?!?!?
Motorcycle Jeff arrived to save the day and make the day.
I tell ya, he keeps that motorcycle spit polished and can
keep an eye on Kean as they are riding on the mirror- like gas cap.
Pretty perfect set up.
 We have all formed the "Motorcycle Jeff" fan club for life.
Not only does he take a certain little boy for his fix
but today he took Greer for quite the spin.
He's sure one of the good guys.