Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, April 14, 2014


I took "Gimpy" down to the doctor's office today for a followup.
Doc Spellich said he was healing up and looked fabulous.
 His nurse cut the stitches out (ouch-- I chose wisely not to watch)
and they gave him a "walking boot" that is just for looks.
Actually, it is for support and protection if he falls-- but still
no walking on his foot for another month.
 Nothing makes a painful trip to the doctor's office all worth it...
than a box full of "medicine" from Uncle Marc, Aunt Rachel and
the cousins in Texas.
 Kean had a better than good day too.
"Motorcycle Jeff" came over after dinner 
and took our boy for a loooonnnnng evening ride.
 I swear this man deserves angel wings.
He's having surgery next week and will be off for a few weeks...
so asked if one of his co-workers could take over for the interim.
I'm thinking we need to get t-shirts made that say
"Kean's Angels".
Whaddya think?


Marti said...

You are going to have the sexiest scar I've never seen in person, Byron! Just ask Lonni... I feel sure she'll tell you. (You didn't let her "kiss it better," did you? Ohhh noo! No sharing germs and all that!)