Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Attitude Adjustment

Today was one of those gloomy days...
it rained this morning, cleared up a bit, rained again, cleared up a bit....
Well, you get the idea.
Kean was in a mood that matched the weather:  gloomy one minute, partly cloudy the next.
He had Methotrexate yesterday so was no so hot on eating
but really hot on cuddling and snuggling.
About 5 p.m., we got a text from "Motorcycle Bill" that it was a gamble
but the skies would maybe hold for a quick ride.
 That was all it took to get the boy feeling better and ready to go:
It sprinkled on them a bit...
 but overall, the skies held their downpour until they got back
safe and sound.
 I wish you could be here in the house to watch Kean go
from whining and whimpering to smiling and excited
with just six simple words-- "wanna go for a motorcycle ride?".
Ah, that it were only that simple for the rest of us to have
such a quick change in attitude.