Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cross Him Off

We schlepped back to the Neurologist's office for a follow up
on those six seizure-like episodes.
Kean had a grand time saying hello to the handsome devil in the mirror.
 Here's the cliff notes.  All the testing they did came back fine--
Kean does not have a seizure disorder.
Dr. Jernigan thinks it is all tied to the fasting he has to do with the chemo
drug he takes nightly.  Everything points to a severe drop in his blood sugar levels
when the medicine and the fasting combines with days where he doesn't eat enough at dinner.
Exactly what I suspected all along.
So, unless something pops up that discredits our theory, we are DONE
with this doctor.
Sweet-- another doctor to cross off our long, long list.
 Meanwhile, the love fest for Byron and Kean continues.
Our wonderful friend, Leon Morley came by with fresh rhubarb from his garden,
a gargantuan chocolate cake and two bags of Kean's favorite popcorn.
 We also had one of our favorite people, Christl-- one of the heads
of Camp Rainbow Gold -- who happened to be in town from Sun Valley, over for dinner.
What a great sport-- she let the girls drag her all around our place and
even let them take her for a ride on the four wheeler.
Of course, Kean was in heaven.
And so were we.  We really had a nice evening
and I think Byron has turned a little corner.
He slept much better last night and doesn't seem to be in as much pain this evening.
Slow and steady.....


Marti said...

OMGOSH! Lonni, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE rhubarb pie! You are so lucky! A friend with a rhubarb plant... that's so high on my desperate list of wishes. If you need a GREAT recipe for that rhubarb (although I bet you have your own), just let me know. I'm so jealous!