Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Return of Spartacus

Byron, a.k.a. "Ironman" has driven himself to work
the past two days.
He's driving with his left foot- yikes!
He's determined to try and help his brother, Craig,
keep the business up and running.
Of course, he's paying for it a bit tonight with a swollen foot 
but I knew he'd be anxious to get going
(as much getting and going as one can do
with one foot).

Meanwhile, I have to show you what is now hanging over
Kean's crib.
 Spartacus was Kean's nickname back when I was pregnant with him.
He was our little warrior baby
who fought against all odds
to prove the doctor's predictions wrong
and join us in this world.
 Amazing how he's still living up to that name
now a few years later.
Thanks Pam Brown for the "I Am Spartacus" sign.
I love what it reminds me of
and what it represents-- one brave boy!