Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Last (Alfalfa) Straw

So I totally lost it today.
Our female cow, Sadie came back last night (from her conjugal visit to the bulls at
my cousin's ranch) and my attempt to feed her this morning was a complete disaster.
I got the hose hooked up, filled her water trough, struggled through getting
the hay off of the big bale and out to the pasture-- only to find her completely tangled
and her rope wedged under a trailer that I couldn't budge.
Let's just say it wasn't pretty
and I'm quite certain if Sadie could talk, she'd tell me to get a grip.
Actually, Byron and I were both quite emotional this morning.
Must be something in the air.
Sweet little Reese came home from school today and asked her dad
if he was really hurting at noon.
When he asked her why... she said because she hurt at noon and figured he
was hurting too.
Kind of a cute moment.
Pam Brown cheered us all up with a Southern-style, homemade
and extra luscious carrot cake.
Trust me, that cake could cheer anyone up.
Including Kean.
He did not want to put any weight on those little legs today---
but seemed more willing and was much happier
after yep, you guessed it:  carrot cake!