Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, April 7, 2014

Who Needs Sleep?!?!

I have no idea what was in the air last night... but it certainly wasn't sleeping dust.
I was up with Invalid #1 (Byron) trying to figure out if we needed to go to the E.R.
His ankle started killing him and then felt numb.  We unwrapped it and found this.
However, the on-call doctor we talked with felt it was probably pretty
consistent with the injuries and surgery and a hospital visit wasn't necessary.
So off to bed I fell... finally a little after midnight.
That was short lived.
Kean woke up around 12:30, wanted to drink, eat, play - you name it.
Just not sleep.
Finally, at around 5 a.m. he settled back down for some snoozing.
I swear the planets are aligned and trying to kill me!
Thankfully, we all got a nap in today... including this boy 
who sure looks like an angel when sleeping.
 Kean got a fun surprise in the mail-- remember the Kentucky woman he's been
paired with who runs on his behalf?  Clair and her family sent him
a T-shirt from her race, another medal and of course, a cute Cars sticker book.
They also sent Byron some books to help him pass the time.
 Yep, ol' Byron has been quite spoiled.  Let's see, in the past 48 hours,
he has received a pan of cinnamon rolls, two plates of cookies, a platter of brownies,
a container of ice cream with three jars of toppings, a fresh fruit smoothie and a plate of cupcakes.
 Let me reiterate, that's just in the past day and a half.
I'm starting to joke with him that his belly will be growing as his leg muscles
start shrinking.  His heart also has to be growing-- with all this love
being shown to him.


Marti said...

Dude, those are some knobby-wobbly looking knees! Of course, your ankle (and its BRILLIANT RAINBOW OF COLORS) make up for it!

Seriously, Byron, I had no idea you had such a sweet-tooth. Do you?