Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Multiple Muscles

An army of 14 and 15 year old's from our church showed up tonight 
to do a service project-- some yard work at our place.
 The days leading up to and the day Byron was injured
we had cut, clipped and pruned and had three huge piles
that needed to be burned or dumped.
The boys all worked together to clean up the piles...

 and get much of it hauled away or burned.
They also pulled up two dead trees and sprayed for weeds.
Even though Byron was pretty much confined to his bed,
he has to be hugely relieved to have that taken care of.
The other big bonus is Byron's snowmobiling buddy, Stan Ray
(who helped oversee all those boys)
brought up this sweet little four wheeler for us to babysit at our house.
It has an electric start - so the girls and I can just start it right up
and give the Keanut man his "cycle ride" fix.
 Ours has a starter that just went out so it is pretty much impossible for us girls to start.
So this will save us (and our sanity) on those evenings when
Kean thinks he is dying if he doesn't get a ride.
You know as miserable as these challenges are in our life,
we have experienced more love, support and acts of kindness
than I can even begin to list.  I just mention the highlights
on this blog.   I wouldn't wish anyone in my shoes right now...
but I wish you could stand by me and see how much kindness
and love there is in this world.
I've said this so many times but I really mean it.
We sure are surrounded by giants.


Marti said...

Oh, see, I sent you a message and you didn't answer. I started to worry and now I am imagining you're out, riding around with Kean. YeeHAH!!