Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Addict Gets His Fix

I'm pleased to announce neither Byron nor I had any meltdowns today.
That's progress eh?
As is the bruise that is slowly discoloring his leg.
This picture doesn't quite capture the varied colors and overall ickiness.
 Pam Brown came over today and watched Keanut
while I took Byron by the office, hit the chiropractor and the grocery store.
As if that wasn't enough, she brought her daughter and granddaughter over
to hang with the girls and have a movie night.
Meanwhile, the Langford's (Christine was our date for Chemo on Monday)
brought over a scrumptious Tri-tip dinner-- we have truly been spoiled.
Kean has had a rough, rough afternoon.  He could feel rotten but my gut
says he's just pouting because his dad isn't taking him for their regular
motorcycle rides.
 So get this, Jeff Langford-- who not only cooked us dinner
tonight, went home, picked up his four wheeler, loaded it up,
came back to our house and took Keanut for a ride.
Kean may not look thrilled... but trust me, he was.
Jeff said he clapped and giggled most of the ride.
 And bless Jeff's heart... they rode until dusk.
I swear, he gets greatest guy of the year honors!
I hope he realizes what a big deal this was for us and for Kean.
I do not exaggerate when I say the boy literally equates motorcycle rides with his dad.
And now that his dad is home all day-- that means Kean pines
away for a motorcycle ride ALL DAY.
If I had a dollar for every time he says cycle ride, cycle ride, cycle ride....