Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Talk of the Town

Let me remind everyone that I have no desire to ever, ever be a nurse.
It is h.a.r.d.
I feel like I've run all day-- and yet, have gotten nothing done.
Byron was really quite sore today and if you want the truth--
a little grouchy.
And yet, this afternoon he needed to go down to his office to pay some bills etc.
Our dear friend, Ron Moomey took the Iron Man down to work for an hour or so.
And I think that about did him in.
While Kean napped (and Grandpa Bodily snoozed on the couch) I went down to pick him up.
It was actually kind of a sweet experience.
On our way home, we had to drop off a check to Napa Auto Parts
where Byron has an account.
I ran the check in and told the guy behind the counter it was from Byron Barker.
He immediately asked how he was doing.
I couldn't believe he even knew about Byron's injury and he told me--
"Oh, everyone in Eagle knows"!
This guy,(the owner) followed me out to the car to talk with Byron - as did two other employees.
One guy even offered to come over and help out on his day off later this week.
Over the years, Byron has helped so many people-- I know this is hard for him
but wow, how it must cheer him up to see so many of his friends and neighbors 
wanting to help him!
As for Kean, he's still hanging tough.
He was a pill for his physical therapy today.
We tried everything, including bribing him with fresh strawberry pie
to try and get him to walk.
No go.
 He's so dang cute though, you can't get mad at him.
Here's a picture taken Sunday night at my parents house.
I guess he crawled up into his cousin- Derek's lap
and sat there for nearly an hour.
Love this!
And so thankful there are so many to love our children
and us as we go through yet, another trial.


Vanessa said...

You're right Lonni, six weeks is going to be a long time for Byron to "take it easy". Good luck!

Tomg said...

That was the hardest part when I had Meningitis... I had no choice but to accept help with virtually everything I needed/wanted to do. Speedy recovery to Byron... and Kean...! Aloooooo-ha...!