Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bring On The Hormones!

Why is it the mornings mom and dad would most like to sleep in...
the kids are up at the crack of dawn?
Guess I can't blame them with the Easter Bunny having visited downstairs.
Today was extra special-- in that our eldest turned into a teenager.
 The kids ran around the house finding a few
choice eggs that ol' sneaky bunny left.
 Our favorite part though... is watching
the children try and find their hidden Easter baskets.
Kean's was discovered first.
 How do you like this action shot?
He was more into throwing the basket
than eating any of the treats.
He's one funny boy.
 Reese was next-- she found her basket
behind a blanket in the dryer.
 Greer's was high up in Holland's closet.
 And Holland finally found her basket hidden under a boat
load of Kean's toys.
 We crammed in a special breakfast for the birthday girl
before heading off to church (the invalids stayed home)!
It is kinda surreal that Holland-- who I swear was a baby
just a few months ago-- 
is 13 today.
She came into this world with a ton of dark brown wavy hair--
and stole our hearts at first sight.
 The crazy thing is, she never lost that dark hair... her blond, blond
hair came in-- leaving the roots blond and the tips dark.
We used to lovingly refer to her as our little Cruella.
I'll have to track down a picture that shows her crazy hair--
this one was just too cute not to include.
Just look at her now--- I can't imagine our lives without her.
She's mature beyond her years, smart, beautiful,
kind-hearted and talented.  She is a thinker and a doer.
Tonight at dinner for example, one of our friend's Shannon was
telling us about some of her neighbors who don't have much.
Before we even finished dessert, Holland and Greer had gone through
their Easter candy and taken half of it, put it into a bag
and given it to Shannon to give to these children.
I love her heart and her example.
And I firmly believe she will do great things with her life.
There's an old joke in our family--
supposedly my mom told my little brother when he turned 13--
"I'm not gonna like you for the next seven years but remember I'll
always love you".
I don't think I need to use that line on this one-- just yet.
Finally-- a shout out to our dear friend Ron Moomey
who after dinner this evening took the boy
on a four wheeler ride.
Now our day can be complete!


Stacy said...

Oh, I remember that little purple tutu picture ... it does seem just like yesterday! Egads a teenager! :)

Karen Peterson said...

I have a 13 year old angel too.. it makes life all that much better! Happy B-day Holland. Love you all!