Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hog Heaven

In case you were wondering, the good guys don't wear white hats,
they wear motorcycle helmets with skulls on them!
Tonight, my friend's friend came galloping to the rescue
on a very, very fancy Harley.
 Kean was giddy with excitement
(I think I was too)!
 Thank you to our new hero, Jeff Brewer for taking
a little boy on a long motorcycle ride...
and making his night!
p.s. Byron is a bit worried that when his leg is healed
Kean will have turned into a Harley snob
and will wonder why he's stuck riding an old '74 Honda.
p.p.s.  Jeff and Kean have another motorcycle date for Friday night.
p.p.s.s.  We sure live in a wonderful world, don't we?