Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ugliest Word

We have officially turned the corner.
Kean is almost back to his "new" normal self.
He was happier today, ate better today and just didn't seem miserable.
The last week and a half he has not wanted to do anything--
except of course, watch Cars.
And he even seemed miserable watching that-- this pic is from yesterday.
Today, we had Mr. Giggleston (and Mister Smiles) back in spurts.
Thank heavens.
My very beloved Uncle Bill came in to town from Wyoming tonight
for dinner.  My mom's sister, Aunt Karen (Bill's wife) passed away about two years
ago from Cancer.  Uncle Bill calls me regularly to provide a listening ear
and an understanding heart.  I love him dearly so it was quite a treat to have him visit.

 My Grandma-- who turns 95 in a few days joined us, along with
my parents. 
It was a lovely evening after a hard day.
I heard today from one of my dear friends that her husband has been diagnosed
with an invasive form of Bladder Cancer.
My heart hurts for her and what is ahead.
This is on top of the news we got last week that my cousin's husband
has a deadly form of Leukemia.  She was told it is a miracle he has
even lived this long. 
Add all of that to my mom's good friend and neighbor we adore-- Janice
who has left here for a last ditch effort to try and save her life
by having her cancerous tumors removed in a very dangerous surgery in Cincinnati on Monday--
and I'm feeling so overwhelmed by all the ugliness of Cancer.
It sure seems to be more prevalent than ever. I feel like I am suffocating!
Everytime I turn around  someone else I care about is being diagnosed.
And the "new" me is so blinkin' emotional now... I have moments of
sheer sadness for these friends and family combined with equal parts
of hatred for that dreadful Cancer.
I've said it before... Cancer has to be one of the ugliest words in the English language.


The Collett's said...

So sorry to hear about all of the cancer related news you keep getting. You and your loved ones are in my prayers daily. Glad to hear that Kean had a good day today.

Elizabeth said...

L... I completely get what your saying... I only work 3 days a week at the Breast Cancer Society and I leave overwhelmed with sadness and confussed at the massive amounts of people with cancer... Everyday 100's of calls come in.... C A N C E R is ugly... I feel your emotions... I in that mode as well... love you so much

Stacy said...

So agree!

Chris said...

Completely agree about the word... I will, however, give you some good thoughts about it....not good thoughts, but you'll see what I mean. My mom had breast cancer when I was in grade school. She had radical a mastectomy... I don't think they did much chemo then. Eventually, she had a mastectomy on the other breast, too, as a precaution.

She rarely said the word, and refused to watch any medical shows where it was the villain.

All that said, she lived more than 40 years after her bout with that ugly, ugly disease. A cancer survivor, she passed 8 years ago of what we think was an aneurysm.

I will add all those you mention to my prayers.