Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home Sick Home

Oh it is good to be home.
Hospitals will never win any awards for places to get any sleep-- I don't care how exhausted you are!
Yesterday started out just fine.
Kean went on a walk with Chelsea and was as happy as a clam.
Chelsea met me at Kean's doctor's office where he had a hearing aid check
and seemed himself...
it was when he woke up from his nap
that he seemed really lethargic.
Shortly after that, he started vomiting and I mean vomiting---
everything came out!!!
The on-call Oncologist had us come down and get admitted to the hospital
when he wouldn't stop the vomiting.
This particular doctor, Dr. Hansen told me he had a patient recently
who was in the hospital and kept saying he just felt off.
Even though he never presented with a fever, Dr. Hansen put him on
antibiotics for a precaution.  But he said 30 minutes after he started  him
on antibiotics, the boy spiked a fever and passed away.
What a scary, horrific story.
Dr. Hansen said you can see why he wouldn't take any chances with Kean and his
fragile condition.
He put pretzel boy on antibiotics and IV fluids (he was already dehydrated).

 Holland went with me to the hospital.
(She got the much coveted job of holding the bowl as Kean threw up
in the car on the way to the hospital).
Lucky girl made herself a little bed and somehow managed to sleep
through alarms, the child continuously screaming next door that his leg hurt,
the nurses coming in every two hours to check Kean's vitals and the Ultrasound
on his bladder at 5 a.m.
Just to keep things interesting, Kean somehow held his urine from
4p.m. yesterday until about 9 a.m. this morning-- that's even
with continuous IV fluids filling him up.
Thankfully, he finally went and woke up this morning
a new little man.
He was quite happy watching -- yes, you know, Cars.
And he even ate a great breakfast this morning and kept it all in.
 It was like reunion time at the hospital-- we saw doctors, nurses
and Stephanie-- his favorite music therapist.
 So the good news is.. we are home-- exhausted-- but home.
The bad news is... Reese started throwing up this evening.
My dear friend Teresa Peery took Reese and Greer for the day since we were gone.
And get this... she even made us dinner.
And how do I thank her?
By possibly infecting her entire family with the crud.
I'm hoping, hoping, hoping, Reese didn't get them all sick.
Everyone else is feeling fine though.
Holland went to her church youth activity this evening where they
learned to kayak and canoe. 
I don't know where she gets her energy.
I'm still in Zombie mode.
Thankfully, Kean turned a corner quickly.
I'm hoping Reese will follow suit.


Jeannette Duwe said...

Glad you are home...hope the rest of you stay healthy and Reese gets better FAST!!!