Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Exotic Camping

For years, we've had a Labor Day weekend tradition where we go camping
with our super close friends, Ron and Elly Moomey.
Kean's cancer put a crimp on that last year and this year.
So Elly had this grand idea to still get together (for dinner) and
have s'mores over a camp fire. 
 It was a perfect night.
They live out in the hills above Star
and between the smell of smoke from the fire, the taste of gooey
marshmallows, warm chocolate, crunchy crackers
and a few mosquitoes thrown in... 
 it was almost like camping
without all the prep work before or the laundry afterwards.
After s'mores, Ron chased Reese around on the scooters and
Kean and Bryon took turns zooming on a skateboard.
I'm certain Kean wore himself out with all the giggling and clapping.
He should sleep well tonight.
And he was almost dirty enough when we headed home
that you would've thought we actually did go camping!