Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Family That Throws Up Together, Stays Together

The Plague has hit and boy, has it hit hard.
As you know Reese got sick yesterday afternoon.
Holland got sick at 4 a.m.,
Byron started his bout at 6 a.m.
and I joined the party at 7 a.m.
Greer is the lone hold-out-- thank heavens.

She has been our little Nurse Nightingale... since the rest of us
have pretty much been in bed miserable or in the bathroom...
well you know.
Our sweet girl got up early this morning, made hot oatmeal and
bowls of cereal for all of us.
None of us were in any place to even think of food--
so the poor girl burst into tears.
She is such a sweetie and has worked her tail off today.
Teresa Peery, I'm told by Greer, brought over Chicken Noodle soup
and Sprite.  I haven't made it downstairs to see.
Hopefully, tomorrow.
My mom has had Kean all day and will keep him overnight.
I hear he is doing fine.
That's a good sign that this flu bug won't last too horribly long.
What we won't do to spend time together as a family!
G'night all.