Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ba Ba Ba Baldapalooza

Tonight was the test for our big Baldapalooza concert coming up
on September 14th. 
One of our favorite restaurants, Costa Vida held Baldapalooza
night and donated a portion of all food sales to our cause.
And let's just say it was a raging success.
There was a steady line most of the night... 
And our family was surprised by such great support by so many dear friends...
like Liz Glasgow... my all time favorite nurse who took care of me while I was on bed rest
and who helped deliver the Keanut man.
 I kick myself for not taking pictures of the myriad of friends who
came out... some we haven't seen since Kean got sick.
But here are a few highlights...
Recognize Andrea on the right?  She's Kean's Physical Therapist
and those are her two darling kiddos.
 My Aunt Daleen and cousins Kelly and Bryan stopped by...
along with Kerrie below with some of her kids and a few cousins mixed in.
She is here visiting from Virginia... and her daughter, Izzy in front
was diagnosed and survived the same type of cancer Kean is battling.
We LOVE this family.  Kerrie has been my rock on many occasions.
 Two of the guys from the band Waking Jordan hung out with us tonight as well.
Their band was just named Idaho's best band... and the girls wanted
their pictures taken with these two celebs.
They'll be performing at the festival.
 One of the women on our board-- April Bodily has two daughters
who are currently serving as some of our local beauty queens-- Emily
in the middle and Ellie on the right.  They spent the night welcoming guests
and helping to get the word out (and dazzling all the little girls).
 Levi Maliwauki provided live music for the evening.
He's known as the "human jukebox"... and sure lived up to his nickname.
 And finally, I have to show you my "partners in crime".
That's Dustin Simpson in the back... this whole, huge project
is all his fault!!!
He's the one who originally came to us wanting to do a fundraiser
to pay for Kean's medical bills... and it morphed into this huge music
festival to raise funds for projects in the hospital where Kean spends
so much of his time.
 And this is drum roll please... the one and only Lori Swanson.
She is the chairperson of our event.... and has the craziest, biggest heart
you've ever seen.  She is working like a wild woman to
ensure Baldapalooza impresses everyone come September 14th.
The fourth member of our founder's team, Jeanie Stidhem
had to leave early.  And then there's the whole host of men
and women who serve on the board who are giving so much
of themselves to make this all happen.
It's gonna be great... I don't care where you live.
You need to come.
Tix and info at