Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


What a roller coaster our lives are.
Kean has finally been feeling better and then he goes and wakes up from his nap
today with a low grade fever. 
Instant stress!
Lindsay was here to work with him and she did get a few stories read...
before Snarkola started pulling her hair.
He sure acts out when he's feeling lousy.
Thankfully, she has plenty of patience.
And I clearly must continue to learn patience before stressing.
His fever is gone this evening.
I finally got this soon to be classic video of Grandpa Bodily to load.
Remember, once a year he steals the show by showing up in his "Where's Waldo"
vintage swimsuit.  We love this!

He lines all the kids up and acts like he's gonna jump in the pool with them.
of course half of them jump in and we just laugh and laugh.
He does eventually get in.
He's the coolest 81 year old I know!


Marti said...

He's got the coolest swimsuit for an 81 year old ever! Where was that the last time I saw a 70 year old East European in a speedo???