Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, August 9, 2013


We got hit fast and hard... and thankfully, we all recovered rather quickly.
By late last night, we were feeling somewhat human again.
But, boy was that a nasty flu bug.
My mom brought Keanut home this afternoon--
I don't know who missed each other more-- us or him.
I finally got out of the house this evening.  I took the girls by the library
for the end of the summer reading program celebration.
They had a full on magic show...
 And then afterwards, the girls each got to pick out a free book,
grab a snow cone and get a certificate for meeting their reading goals.
Tomorrow is Keanut's big 4th birthday.
Can't believe the little guy is that old!!!!
With our wild week, though, I think we will be partying sometime
next week.  Good thing he's young enough not to know any different.