Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mister Miracle Turns Four

Part of me feels like this has been the longest four years of my life
and the other part feels as if Kean was just born a short while ago.
Either way, it's hard to believe four years have passed and
what a wild ride it has been.
You know we've had an insane week with Kean's hospital stay
and then all of us except for Greer getting the flu.
I was planning on postponing the boy's birthday until next week--
but I think my amazing friends didn't want Keanut to be cheated
out of "his" day.
 Jean Richardson showed up shortly before noon bearing gobs and gobs of balloons
and the cutest home-made birthday cake.
For you long time readers, Jean was my friend who visited me every week-- all 11
weeks I was in the hospital on bed rest to bring me the most beautiful bouquets
from her garden.
 Kean's big excitement for the day was going to therapy at
Kaleidoscope-- his therapist's clinic.
 He didn't have a ton of energy but he worked his little tail feathers off
and fell asleep in the car on the way home.
 While he was napping, our dear friends, Pam and Rod Brown
brought over more balloons-- including a Cars balloon.
 In fact, Cars seems to be the theme for the day.
And why shouldn't it be... the boy is obsessed with that movie.
Greer went shopping with Grammy and got him a shirt.
(He was thrilled).
Pam and Rod gave him a Cars car that goes zoom...
 and a coloring book that he just was enamored with!
 We had  quite the time trying to teach him how to blow out the candles...
 For a day that started out as a non-birthday...
I have to say, I think he had a pretty great day!


Cindy said...

Happy birthday Kean! Have fun with your "Cars" and Motorcyle rides!