Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Date With Chemo

We made our trip down to the hospital for Chemo today.
Kean always gets a little riled up at home before we go.  He knows
exactly what's ahead of him... the minute I get out the numbing cream, plastic
wrap and tape to cover it up.
But once he gets there, he's fine.  And why not... he's surrounded by nurses
and Child Life Specialists like Jen who play with him and make him feel like a rock star!
 We had a special "Chemo Date" go with us today:  Jan Ramirez.
She was Holland's first grade teacher, then her sixth grade teacher last year
and our entire family adores her.
I tweaked my back last Friday (lifting my little lug named Keanut-- gotta get him walking).
So Jan was wonderful to lift him and carry him as much as possible.
We met with his primary Oncologist, Dr. Camilo today.  And most everything
looks good.  There's a bit of concern about why his testicles have ascended again--
I guess testicular cancer is one of the lovely side effects of all this stuff he's on-- so
poor boy, they sure examine his junk quite thoroughly with nearly every visit.
Nothing big to worry about yet.  They're just watching that closely.
Today's Chemo dose sure took a long time to get from pharmacy.
We got through most of Cars.
 We finished just in time to race home, get everyone fed, take Kean to my folks
and then head over to the school for registration and meet the teachers.
Talk about chaos.
But we survived.
Poor Reese didn't get the teacher she wanted and sobbed but quickly
pulled it together when she met her new teacher who seems quite wonderful.
Holland was thrilled she got her locker open on the first try.
Oh, the stuff that stresses them out.
The first day of school will come early tomorrow.