Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 24, 2013


There's something going on in our house that we don't see very often.
And that's quiet, silence, peace... well, you get the idea.
Byron took the girls for a camping weekend
while Kean and I stayed home.
I've had to work a little extra to keep him entertained.
And it is so nice.  He is feeling good and acting happy.
That is, probably until Monday when he gets nailed again with Chemo at the hospital.
I sometimes feel like we are hamsters in one of those spinning wheels. 
It's just a non-ending cycle of getting him feeling good just in time to start the process over again.
 Oh and what's that saying?  While the cat is away, the mice will play?
Since Byron and the girls were gone, Kean and I had a little dinner party at the house last night.
It was my dear friend, Susan Rhoggani's birthday and since I couldn't go out with Kean,
we opted to have "the girls" come here.
 Susan is getting ready for a trip to France, so we decided to have a French themed feast:
quiche, Salad Nicoise, cheeses, crunchy bread, grapes and a very large blackberry tart (pie).
We had such a lovely time staying up too late and talking.
(Kean didn't last very long).
Our Baldapalooza board also had a meeting today with the manager of
several of the musicians who will be playing at our music festival.
He just happened to be in town.
Talking with him got us all excited about the caliber and quality of the artists.
This is gonna be one fabulously fun night.
Oh, the tv ads should start next week.
Wanna sneak peak?